Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

Extreme Fishing with Robson Green is a factual entertainment show broadcast on Channel 5. The show sees actor and fishing enthusiast Robson Green travel around the world in search of the greatest fishing destinations. There have been five series to date. A spin-off series entitled Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge began airing on 9 April 2012, and a sequel series (Robson Green: Extreme Fisherman), is set to begin on 4 August 2014 on Quest.[1] Extreme Fishing with Robson Green was re-launched for a one-off special episode on 12 February 2021 based in Leicester.

Series 1Edit

Episode Location Broadcast date Featured catch Ratings
1 Costa Rica 1 September 2008 Indo-Pacific sailfish, pompano, red snapper, terrestrial crab, tuna, armadillo?, machaca 1.28m
2 Southern US 8 September 2008 Catfish, blue runner, whale shark, blackfin tuna, rainbow runner, amberjack, these hands, Chesapeake blue crab, alligator gar, quillback?, moorhen, barracuda, silky shark 1.29m
3 South Africa 15 September 2008 Hammerhead shark, octopus, lesser guitarfish, blowfish, sardine, squid, yellowtail kingfish, Cape salmon 1.32m
4 Spain & the Azores 22 September 2008 Atlantic blue marlin, escolar?, stingray, parrotfish, wels catfish 1.17m

Series 2Edit

Episode Location Broadcast date Featured fish Ratings
1 British Columbia 2 March 2009 White sturgeon, sablefish, prawn, steelhead, coho salmon 1.59m
2 Alaska 9 March 2009 Northern pike, king salmon, Pacific cod, coho salmon, rainbow trout 1.64m
3 New Zealand 16 March 2009 Kahawai, school shark, hapuka, reef shark, frost fish, gurnard, crayfish, rainbow trout, green-lipped mussel 1.35m
4 Northern Australia 23 March 2009 Barramundi, milkfish, sole, prawn, crab, box jellyfish, leopard whipray, blue mackerel, Spanish mackerel, coral trout, purple cod, red snapper, giant trevally 1.73m
5 North Atlantic 30 March 2009 Atlantic bluefin tuna, lobster, striped bass, bluefish, blackfish, steelhead, spiny dogfish 1.79m
6 Southern Australia 6 April 2009 Common octopus, blue-ringed octopus, blue manna crab, gummy shark, abalone, blacklip abalone 1.57m
7 Thailand 13 April 2009 Redtail catfish, alligator gar, arapaima, rohu, Mekong giant catfish, giant freshwater stingray 1.65m
8 Siargao 20 April 2009 Dogtooth tuna, bluefish, dorado, squid, jellyfish 1.58m

Series 3 - The World Tour: Part 1Edit

Episode Location Broadcast date Featured fish
1 Zimbabwe and Zambia 27 May 2010 Tigerfish, kapenta, vundu, kariba, yellow bream
2 Kenya 28 May 2010 Tiger shark, wahoo, aprion, black marlin, Nile perch, catfish, grouper, silver cyprinid
3 China 31 May 2010 Bighead carp, octopus, catfish, eel, sea cucumber, southern black bream
4 Sri Lanka 1 June 2010 Sardine, mangrove jack, mahseer, black jack

Series 4 - The World Tour: Part 2Edit

Episode Location Broadcast date Featured fish Ratings
1 Brazil 1 November 2010 Piranha, peacock bass, arowana, pirarucu 1.57m
2 Senegal and Guinea Bissau 8 November 2010 Dorado, red snapper, horse-eye jack, marbled grouper, leerfish, chevron barracuda, nurse shark 1.64m
3 Cuba 15 November 2010 Sardine, tarpon, bonefish, barracuda, grouper 1.07m
4 Japan 22 November 2010 Fugu, ayu, whelk, sea urchins, white grunt, Atlantic horse mackerel, cutlassfish, oilfish 1.17m
5 Panama 29 November 2010 Peacock bass, tarpon, oyster, dorado, sierra mackerel, yellowfin tuna Under 1.06m
6 India and The Maldives 6 December 2010 Frogfish, snakehead, catfish, manta ray, whale shark, grouper, bluefish, red snapper, yellow lip 1.18m
7 Florida 13 December 2010 Dorado, remora, Atlantic sailfish, king mackerel, Orinoco sailfin catfish, blue tilapia, manatee, bull shark, crevalle jack 1.26m
8 California 20 December 2010 Blue shark, Humboldt squid, rainbow trout 1.41m

Series 5 - At the ends of the EarthEdit

Episode Location Broadcast date Featured fish Ratings
1 Ascension Island 12 May 2011 Bluntnose sixgill shark, rock hind grouper, spotted moray, dolphin, blue marlin, black durgon, yellow-fin tuna, deep water bullseye, blackjack, amberjack 1.31m
2 Patagonia 19 May 2011 Dog snapper, Chinook salmon, brown trout, yellow-fin tuna, king crab 1.21m
3 Papua New Guinea 26 May 2011 Papuan black bass, snake mackerel, megapode, rainbow runner, ruby snapper 1.30m
4 Eastern Russia 2 Jun 2011 Northern pike, Arctic char, salmon, stone char, steelhead, Arctic grayling 0.90m
5 New Caledonia 9 Jun 2011 Bigeyed sixgill shark, flame snapper, ornate jobfish, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, silvertip shark, thicklip grey mullet, crab, giant trevally 1.26m
6 Argentina 16 Jun 2011 Short-tailed river stingray, golden dorado, yellow piranha, silver piranha, pacu 1.45m

Robson's Extreme Fishing ChallengeEdit

The spin-off series from Extreme Fishing with Robson Green is Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge where Green heads around the world taking on local fishing champions from that nation. The series started on 9 April 2012.

Robson Green: Extreme FishermanEdit

With the series moving from channel 5 to Quest, the title was changed to reflect that he is now one of the world's most experienced fishermen, rather than the mere amateur he was before.[2] The series will be based on the same premise as its predecessors, and is produced by the same team.[3] As-yet confirmed locations visited in the upcoming series are Borneo, Mongolia, Japan and the Solomon Islands [4]

DVD releasesEdit

The series is distributed on DVD by Acorn Media UK. Series 1, 2 and 3 are available.

Series Release date
Series 1
Series 2
Series 3 9 May 2011
Series 4 16 April 2012
Series 1-3 box set 5 September 2011


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