Extermineitors IV: Como hermanos gemelos

Extermineitors IV: Como hermanos gemelos (English language title: Exterminators 4: As Twin Brothers) is a 1992 Argentine comedy action film directed by Carlos Galettini and starring Guillermo Francella and Aldo Barbero. The central argument of the film is largely a parody-homage of the classic Schwarzenegger/DeVito comedy Twins. It premiered on 23 January 1992 in Buenos Aires.

Extermineitors IV: Como hermanos gemelos
Extermineitors IVdvdcover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byCarlos Galettini
Produced byCarlos Galettini
Written bySalvador Valverde Calvo
Salvador Valverde Freire
StarringGuillermo Francella
Aldo Barbero
Rand McClain
Javier Belgeri
Mike Kirton
Music byLalo Fransen
CinematographyHéctor Collodoro
Carlos Torlaschi
Edited bySerafín Molina
Distributed byArgentina Sono Film
Release date
23 January 1992
Running time
90 min.


The leader of the Extermineitors task force, Colonel William, has discovered that the old enemy of the organization, Mc Clain, has left crime and lives quietly in Iguazu Falls. William wants Mc Clain to work for him and on the right side of the law. He develops a plan for his top man, Guillermo, to perform the mission of recruiting Mc Clain, by making him believe that Mc Clain is his long lost twin brother.[1] From then on, Guillermo, and Mc Clain become friends and fight together against the old criminal organization of ninja robbers, now leadered by the vicious criminal known as The Albino.


  • Guillermo Francella ... Guillermo
  • Aldo Barbero ... Colonel William
  • Rand McClain ... Randolf Mc Clain (as Randolf Mc Clain)
  • Javier Belgeri ... Nico
  • Mike Kirton ... The Albino
  • Verónica Varano ... Ana
  • Marcela Labarca
  • Charlie Nieto
  • Jorge Montejo ... Paolo el Rockero
  • Ricky Maravilla ... Himself
  • Oscar Roy
  • Alejandra Pradon
  • Poupee Pradon
  • Jorge Rial
  • Valeria Britos ... Sol


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