Expedition of Ghalib ibn Abdullah al-Laithi (Mayfah)

Expedition of Ghalib ibn Abdullah al-Laithi[4] to Mayfah took place in January 628 AD, 9th Month 7AH, of the Islamic Calendar.[4][5]

Expedition of Ghalib ibn Abdullah al-Laithi (Mayfah)
DateJanuary 629 AD,9th Month 7AH
  • Successful operation, captured a lot of camels and cattle as booty
  • Many polytheists killed[1][2][3]
Commanders and leaders
Ghalib ibn Abdullah al-Laithi Unknown
130 Entire tribe (unknown population)
Casualties and losses
0 Many Killed (unknown number) [1][2]


Muhammad sent Ghalib ibn Abdullah al-Laithi as the commander of 130 men to Mayfah on the confines of Nejd, and was sent to launch an attack against Banu ‘Awâl and Banu Thalabah in Ramadan 7 A.H. The settlement was surprised and the Muslims put many to death, and drove off their camels and flock .[6]

Usama, one of the fighters who went along, killed a man, after he had pronounced the testimony of God's Oneness at the last moment just before killing him (see Shahadah) to which incident Muhammad commented addressing his Companions: "Would you rip open his heart to discern whether he is truthful or a liar?"[1][2]

This was the 4th surprise raid against the Banu Thalabah.

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