Expansión (Spanish newspaper)

Expansión is a Spanish economic and business newspaper published in Madrid, Spain.

Owner(s)Grupo Recoletos
PublisherUnidad Editorial
Founded1 May 1986; 35 years ago (1986-05-01)
Circulation55,971 (2012)
Sister newspapersEl Mundo

History and profileEdit

Expansión was established in May 1986.[1][2] The paper is published in tabloid format[2] and is owned by the Grupo Recoletos.[3] The publisher of the paper is Unidad Editorial.[4][5] Its sister newspapers are El Mundo and Marca.[5][6]

Expansión was part of the British group Pearson,[7] which had a share of 39% in the paper during the late 1990s.[8] During this period the publisher was Ârea Editorial.[2]

The headquarters of Expansión is in Madrid. The paper was awarded by the Society for News Design (SND) the World’s Best Designed Newspaper™ for 1994.[9] It celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 2011 with an event led by Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia.[10]

Circulation and readershipEdit

The circulation of Expansión was 39,047 copies in 1994.[2] The paper had a circulation of 52,645 copies in 2001.[11] Its circulation fell to 48,108 copies in 2002.[6] In 2003 the circulation of the paper was 48,000 copies.[12] The paper had a circulation of 47,577 copies in 2005.[13]

Based on the findings of the European Business Readership Survey the paper had 13,047 readers per issue in 2006.[14] The 2008 circulation of the paper was 50,128 copies, making it the most read business newspaper in the country.[4] The OJD certified circulation of the paper was 55,971 copies in 2012.[15]


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