Evhen Tsybulenko

Evhen Tsybulenko

Evhen Tsybulenko (Ukrainian: Євген Цибуленко) (born 21 October 1972 in Simferopol, Ukraine) is an Estonian legal scholar of Ukrainian descent. He was a founder and director of the Tallinn Law School's Human Rights Centre at the Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia) (2007-2014). Tsybulenko had been elected professor of Law (2005) and had been appointed as a Chair of International and Comparative Law department. Due to the reorganization of Law school’s departments (International and Comparative Law department was closed), since 2010 was reappointed as a researcher. Tsybulenko is a professor (2009) at Kyiv International University. He is also an adjunct (visiting) professor and Senior visiting mentor of Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) at Baltic Defence College.[1] Head of Ukrainian Community in Estonia.[2]


Evhen Tsybulenko graduated from Kiev National University (LL.M. - 1996, Ph.D. in International Law 2000). He has conducted postdoctoral research at the International Human Rights Law Institute of De Paul University in Chicago (2002), and has worked at the International Committee of the Red Cross and in Kyiv International University.

Tsybulenko has published more than 40 scientific books and articles and more than 200 general-interest articles, comments and interviews in 15 countries, mainly in Russian or Ukrainian, but also in English. His articles and interviews were translated into Estonian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, French, Georgian, Arabic, Serbian and other languages.[3] He took part in preparation of commentaries and recommendation on draft law concerning the protection of Red Cross and Red Crescent symbolic in Ukraine, which was adopted in July 1999, as well as on the draft new Criminal Code of Ukraine (the war crimes chapter).

Evhen Tsybulenko is an external expert of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Estonian Red Cross, Estonian Integration Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture of European Commission and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). He is a lecturer at Warsaw International Humanitarian Law (IHL) International Summer Academy, Baltic Summer Academy, and Commonwealth of Independent States Summer School on IHL.

In December 2009 Tsybulenko acquired Estonian citizenship for achievements of special merit. Estonian citizenship for achievements of special merit may be granted to not more than ten persons per year.[4]

Political viewsEdit

  • During the Russo-Georgian war, he supported Georgia[5][6].
  • He has signed a number of appeals of the Russian opposition, including the April 2010 appeal Putin Must Go.
  • He supports condemning the communist ideology as criminal[7][8].
  • He supports recognizing Holodomor as a genocide against Ukrainians in 1932-33[9], as well as the Armenian genocide of 1915[10].
  • He supports the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and argues such movements should not be characterized as "nationalist" but as "national liberation" movements[11][12].
  • He actively criticized the policies of President Yanukovych and his administration[13][14].
  • In Estonian politics, he represents right-wing views[15] and often criticizes the Estonian Center Party[16] (a left-wing populist party immensely popular among non-Estonians).



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