Evangelical Theological Academy

The Evangelical Theological Academy (Dutch: Evangelische Theologische Academie, ETA) is a Dutch interdenominational institute for evangelical theological education, in Zwijndrecht, Netherlands.[1] The ETA was founded in 1985 by five theologically educated evangelical Christians, who were inspired by the growing demand for theological schooling through part-time or distance education.[citation needed]


The ETA training programs includes undergraduate (Bachelor of Theology) and graduate-level theological studies (Master) in the Dutch language. Their information shows 3 different program categories: Part-Time, Distance and Congregational (tailored to the needs of a specific church and/or denomination).[2]

On April 17, 2010 ETA celebrated their 25th anniversary in the town of Putten.[3] The ETA celebrated their anniversary with a symposium about Christian spirituality.[4] The school started with 1 course and is now able to offer 6 different special theological programs. Since September 2009 the ETA is providing training in 2 more cities: Alkmaar and Deventer, bringing the number of cities with an ETA training centre to 5: Zwijndrecht, Steenwijk, Rotterdam, Alkmaar and Deventer.[5]


The school states upfront that the ETA is not accredited in the Netherlands.[6] However, ETA students were able to receive credits under an agreement that was valid until 1 January 2010 when transferring to the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, a biblically inspired vocational university that has national educational accreditation. Graduates of the ETA have found employment at various churches, schools and institutions.[citation needed]


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