Euzkadi (newspaper)

Euzkadi was a daily newspaper published in Bilbao, Euzkadi.[1] Its first edition was on 1 February 1913.

Euzkadi published texts both in Basque and Spanish, and it employed one editor-in-chief for each language. The first editor-in-chief for Basque was writer Evaristo Kirikiño Bustintza.

One of the Basque nationalist journalists who wrote for the paper was Manuel Aznar Zubigaray, who later would become a falangist. He was the grandfather of eventual Spanish prime minister José María Aznar.

In 1921, after a split in the Basque Nationalist Party, Euzkadi supported the branch called Comunión Nacionalista Vasca ("Basque Nationalist Communion").

In June 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, after the "national" forces occupied Bilbao, Euzkadi's publication was cancelled and the premises were offered to El Correo Español which then was the newspaper of Spanish Falange.

However, Basque nationalist refugees continued the publication of Euzkadi in Barcelona during 1938 and 1939.


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