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The European route E 8 is a European route that goes from Tromsø, Norway to Turku, Finland. The length of the route is 1,410 kilometres (880 mi).

E8 shield

Route information
Length1,410 km (880 mi)
Major junctions
North endTromsø, Norway
South endTurku, Finland
Countries Norway
Highway system
International E-road network
Finnish border sign on the E 8 road at Kilpisjärvi (in Finnish, Swedish and Northern Sami)
Road sign above the E75/E8/road 4 near Oulu

The road E8 was introduced in 1992 between Tromsø–Tornio. In the older E road system it was called E78 since 1962. The E8 was extended Tornio–Turku in year 2002. In the older E road system that was used before 1985 (in the Nordic countries 1992) the E8 went London–Harwich–Hoek van Holland–Hannover–Berlin–Warszawa–Brest.


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