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European route E 14 is a road part of the International E-road network. It begins in Trondheim, Norway and ends in Sundsvall, Sweden. The road is 449 kilometres (279 mi) in length.

E14 shield

Route information
Length449 km (279 mi)
Major junctions
West endTrondheim, Norway
East endSundsvall, Sweden
Countries Norway
Highway system
International E-road network

The road follows the route Trondheim - StorlienÖstersundSundsvall.[1] Just east of Trondheim, the road goes through the 3,928-metre (12,887 ft) long Hell Tunnel.

After crossing the border from Norway it runs through the mountainous western Jämtland County of Sweden, passing the well-known Ånnsjön mountain lake.[2]


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Coordinates: 63°19′03″N 14°11′40″E / 63.31750°N 14.19444°E / 63.31750; 14.19444