European Soundmix Show 1997

The European Soundmix Show 1997 was the second European Soundmix Show.

European Soundmix Show 1997
Final19 April 1997
VenueEndemol Studios, AmsterdamNetherlands
Presenter(s)Linda Evans
Host broadcasterNetherlands Endemol
Number of entries8
Debuting countriesNone
Returning countriesNone
Non-returning countriesItaly Italy
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Voting systemEach country had 2 jury members who awarded the top 4 countries 1, 2, 3 and 5 points.
Nul points in finalNone
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Like the first contest, this one was held in Amsterdam, and the host country the Netherlands won the show with Edsilia Rombley imitating Oleta Adams.


Pos Country Performer Imitated artist Points
1   Netherlands Edsilia Rombley Oleta Adams 22
2   Spain Xavier Garriga Ray Charles 17
3   Norway Kjell Inge Torgersen Sting 15
4   Belgium Jan Dekeuninck Guns N' Roses 10
5   Sweden Robert Randquist Julio Iglesias 9
6   Germany Tami Eckhart Alanis Morissette 6
6   Portugal Jessi Leal Kate Bush 6
8   Denmark Claus Nielsen John Lennon 3