European Judo Union

The EJU consists of 51 national Judo federations/associations, and is itself recognised by the IJF as one of five continental unions. The organisation of the administration of Judo is based on a pyramid system of regulations, with the IJF the world governing body, the EJU the European governing body and national Judo associations the governing bodies at domestic level.[1][2]

European Judo Union
EJU Logo white.png
Formation28 July 1948; 73 years ago (1948-07-28)
HeadquartersVienna, Austria
Region served
51 Judo federations
Official languages
Sergey Soloveychik Russia
Michal Vachun Czech Republic
Otto Kneitinger Germany
Jane Bridge United Kingdom
General Secretary
Ezio Gamba Italy
General Treasurer
László Tóth Hungary
Main organ
EJU Congress
Parent organization

The first meeting was held on July 26, 1948 in London to form the European Judo Union (EJU).[citation needed] Representatives from Great Britain, Austria and The Netherlands took part of this first general meeting. The meeting was adjourned until the following Wednesday. On July 28 finally, Great Britain put forward the motion: "That the European Judo Union be now formed on the basis of the Constitution as approved, and that all other European countries be circulated with a copy of it and be invited to join." This was seconded by Holland and approved unanimously.[3] France, who was allowed to express opinions but not to vote.

The object of the proposed Union was the standardisation of judo rules and procedures and the establishment of an international body for arbitration. Inclusion of judo in the Olympic Games was first mentioned in this meeting.[4]

Young French publisher Henry D. Plee suggested that he print a translation of the Kodokan's monthly magazine in English and French; the EJU agreed to make it an official organ of the EJU.

Presidents of the EJUEdit

Date Name Country
1952–1957 Jaap Nauwelaerts D'Agé   Netherlands
1957–1960 H. Frantzen   Germany
1960–1984 A.J. Ertel   France
1984–1996 Kurt Kucera   Austria
1996–2000 Frans Hoogendijk   Netherlands
2000–2007 Marius Vizer   Romania
2007–present Sergey Soloveychik   Russia

EJU AwardsEdit

Nomination Nominees 2010 Nominees 2011 Nominees 2012 Nominees 2013 Nominees 2014 Nominees 2015 Nominees 2016 Nominees 2017 Nominees 2018 Nominees 2019 Nominees 2020
Best European Male Judoka Ilias Iliadis   Teddy Riner   Teddy Riner   Teddy Riner   Avtandili Tchrikishvili   Teddy Riner   Teddy Riner   Teddy Riner   Nikoloz Sherazadishvili   Lukhumi CHKHVIMIANI   Peter PALTCHIK (ISR)  
Best European Female Judoka Lucie Decosse   Gevrise EMANE   Lucie Decosse   Majlinda Kelmendi   Majlinda Kelmendi   Tina Trstenjak   Tina Trstenjak   Clarisse Agbegnenou   Clarisse Agbegnenou   Clarisse Agbegnenou   Clarisse Agbegnenou  
Best European Junior Male Judoka Marcus Nyman   Khusen Kharmurzaev   Damian Szwarnowiecki   Beka Gviniashvili   Krisztián Toth   Beka Gviniashvili   Hidayet Heydarov   Hidayet Heydarov   Manuel Lombardo   Lasha BEKAURI   Richard SIPOCZ  
Best European Junior Female Judoka Abigel Joo   Bernadette GRAF   Dilara Lokmanheki   Barbara Matic   Amandine Buchard   Szabina Gercsak   Marie Eve Gahie   Amber Gersjes   Daria Bilodid   Eteri LIPARTELIANI   Andrea STOJADINOV  
Best Judo Personality - Ilias Iliadis   Alina Dumitru   Lucie Decosse   Ilias Iliadis   & Teddy Riner   - - - -
Best Team Men - - Russia   Georgia   - Georgia   Georgia   Georgia   - - -
Best Team Women Netherlands   France   - - France   Germany  Poland   France   - - -
Best Mixed Team - - - - - - - - - - France  
Best European Men's Coach Benoit Campargue   Vitaily Dubrova   Ezio Gamba   Irakli Uznadze   Irakli Uznadze   Franck Chambily   Dmitry Morozov   Ljubisa Majdov   Bato Jikuri   John-Paul BELL   Khasanbi TAOV  
Best European Women's Coach Florin Bercean   Martine Dupond   Martine Dupond   Shany Hershko   Martine Dupond   Marjan Fabjan   Martine Dupond   Larbi Benboudaoud   Larbi Benboudaoud   Larbi Benboudaoud   Larbi Benboudaoud  
Best European Event European Judo Championships in Vienna   U23 European Judo Championships in Tyumen   European Judo Championships in Chelabinsk   European Judo Championships in Budapest   European Judo Championships in Montpellier   Junior European Judo Championships in Oberwart   European Judo Championships U23 in Tel Aviv   Golden League in Ankara   European Judo Championships in Tel Aviv   European Judo Championships / 2nd European Games in Minsk   European Judo Championships in Prague  
Best European Organiser Czech Judo Federation   Belgium Judo Federation   Czech Judo Federation   Estonian Judo Federation   Polish Judo Association for European Judo Championships U23 in Wroclaw   Austrian Judo Federation for Junior European Judo Championships and Golden League in Vienna   Russian Judo Federation for European Judo Championships in Kazan and Golden League in Grozny   Lithuanian Judo Federation for Upgrading Junior EJC and Cadet EC Kaunas   Russian Judo Federation for Mixed Team European Judo Championships in Ekaterinburg   Portuguese Judo Federation for European Club Championships in Odivelas   Croatian Judo Federation for Junior and U23 Judo Championships in Porec  
Most Progressive European Female Referee Cathy Mouette   Ioana Babiuc   Ioana Babiuc   Cathy Mouette   Annamaria Fridrich   Katalin Fridrich   Heather Lootjens   Roberta Chyurlia   Roberta Chyurlia   Hana SAFARIKOVA   Roberta Chyurlia  
Most Progressive European Male Referee Franc Ocko   Vladimir Vostrikov   Vladimir Vostrikov   Manuel Cortes   Vincent Druaux   Vladimir Hnidka   Artur Fando   Vladimer Nutsubidze   Raul Camacho   Vasily SMOLIN   Mathieu BATAILLE  

Main EventsEdit

Tournament Place Date
European Judo Championships Lisbon, Portugal   16-18 April 2021
U23 European Judo Championships Budapest, Hungary   05-07 November 2021
Junior European Judo Championships Luxembourg, Luxembourg   09–12 September 2021
Cadet European Judo Championships Riga, Latvia   17–19 August 2021
Veteran European Judo Championships Gran Canaria, Spain   25–28 July 2019
Kata European Judo Championships Warsaw, Poland   03-04 July 2021
European Club Championships - Champions League TBA, TBA   11 November 2021
European Club Championships - Europa League Prague, Czech   11 November 2021

Members of the EJUEdit

  •   Albanian Judo Federation
  •   Andorra Judo Federation
  •   Armenian Judo Federation
  •   Austrian Judo Federation
  •   Azerbaijan Judo Federation
  •   Belarusian Judo Federation
  •   Belgium Judo Federation
  •   Bosnia & Herzegovina Judo Federation
  •   British Judo Association
  •   Bulgarian Judo Federation
  •   Croatian Judo Federation
  •   Cyprus Judo Federation
  •   Czech Judo Federation
  •   Danish Judo Federation
  •   Dutch Judo Federation
  •   Estonian Judo Association
  •   Faroe Islands Judo Federation
  •   Finnish Judo Association
  •   French Judo Federation
  •   Macedonian Judo Federation
  •   Georgian Judo Federation
  •   German Judo Federation
  •   Hellenic Judo Federation
  •   Hungarian Judo Association
  •   Iceland Judo Federation
  •   Irish Judo Association
  •   Israel Judo Association
  •   Italian Judo Federation
  •   Kosovo Judo Federation
  •   Latvia Judo Federation
  •   Liechtenstein Judo Federation
  •   Lithuanian Judo Federation
  •   Luxembourg Judo Federation
  •   Malta Judo Federation
  •   Moldova Judo Federation
  •   Monaco Judo Federation
  •   Montenegro Judo Federation
  •   Norwegian Judo Federation
  •   Polish Judo Association
  •   Portugal Judo Federation
  •   Romanian Judo Federation
  •   Russian Judo Federation
  •   San Marino Judo Federation
  •   Serbia Judo Federation
  •   Slovak Judo Federation
  •   Slovenian Judo Federation
  •   Spanish Judo Federation
  •   Swedish Judo Federation
  •   Swiss Judo Federation
  •   Turkish Judo Federation
  •   Ukrainian Judo Federation

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