European Fencing Confederation

The European Fencing Confederation (EFC; French: Confédération européenne d'escrime, CEE) is an international body created in 1991, charged with the promotion and development of fencing in Europe. It organises the European Fencing Championships annually at several levels: cadets (U17), junior (U20), under 23, seniors and veterans (more than 40 years old).

European Fencing Confederation
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The Confederation comprises all national European fencing federations, plus that of Israel, and is under the authority of FIE.

History and goalsEdit

It was founded on 26 October 1991 in Vienna, Austria, and is based in Luxembourg at the headquarters of the Luxembourg Fencing Federation.

Its goals are:

  • promotion and development of fencing in Europe;
  • facilitate technical collaboration between the different federations;
  • co-ordination and improvement of the teaching of fencing in Europe;
  • representation of fencing to European authorities;
  • organisation of the European Fencing Championships.


František Janda, president of the EFC

The organs of the EFC comprise:

  • the General Assembly—the supreme organ of the Confederation, composed of delegates appointed by the member federations;
  • the Executive Committee (COMEX)—composed of 10 members elected by the General Assembly, each from a different federation;
  • the President;
  • two Auditors.


The COMEX elects the members of nine commissions that deal with specialised areas:

  • Competition Commission;
  • Veterans Commission;
  • Promotion/Marketing Commission;
  • Referees Commission;
  • Training/Fencing Masters Commission;
  • SEMI Commission;
  • Athletes Commission;
  • Finance Commission;
  • Handicapped Commission.

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