European Commissioner for Oceans and Fisheries

The Commissioner for Oceans and Fisheries is a member of the European Commission. The current Commissioner is Virginijus Sinkevičius, who also serves as EU Commissioner for the Environment.

The portfolio includes policies such as the Common Fisheries Policy, which is largely a competence of the European Union rather than the members. The Union has 66,000 km of coastline[1] and the largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world, covering 25 million km2.[2] They also participate in meetings of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council (Agrifish) configuration of the Council of the European Union.

Commissioner Joe Borg (2004—2010)Edit

Commissioner Borg was approved by the European Parliament in 2004 and served until 2010. His two main priorities were "setting the European Union on the path towards a European Maritime Policy" and "securing the ecological, economic and social sustainability of the European fishing and aquaculture industry" [3] On 7 June 2006 the European Commission published a green paper on a future Maritime Policy and opened a consultation that ended in June 2007 .[4] The green paper addressed a number of issues such as sustainable development, protection of the environment, skills and employment, technology and resources, coastal safety and tourism, financial support and heritage.[5] On 10 October 2007 the European Commission presented its vision for an integrated maritime policy with a detailed action plan[6] The Commission came under fire in May 2007 for not penalising French fishermen for over-fishing the threatened bluefin tuna by 65% while backing penalties on Irish fishermen for over-fishing mackerel[7]

List of commissionersEdit

Name Country Period Commission
1 Franz Fischler   Austria 1999–2004 Prodi Commission
2 Sandra Kalniete   Latvia 2004 Prodi Commission
3 Joe Borg   Malta 2004–2010 Barroso Commission I
4 Maria Damanaki   Greece 2010–2014 Barroso Commission II
5 Karmenu Vella   Malta 2014–2019 Juncker Commission

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