European Commissioner for Economy

The European Commissioner for Economy is a member of the European Commission. The current Economy Commissioner is Paolo Gentiloni.

From 2014 to 2019 the post was named Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs. Until 2014 the post was named Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union, Audit and Anti-Fraud and was previously divided prior to 2010, with audit being under control of the Commissioner for Administrative Affairs. The post was abolished in 2014, when the Juncker Commission merged the post with that of the Economic and Financial Affairs portfolio.

The post is responsible for the EU's customs union and taxation policy. The European Union has had a customs union since the creation of the European Economic Community and that union extends to Turkey, Andorra and San Marino. Since 2010 it gained responsibility for audit (budgetary discharge, internal audit, counter fraud): in particular the Internal Audit Service and the European Anti-fraud Office.

List of commissionersEdit

Portrait Name Party Group Country Period Commission
  Frits Bolkestein VVD ELDR   Netherlands 1999–2004 Prodi Commission (Taxation)
  Neil Kinnock Labour PES   United Kingdom Prodi Commission (Audit)
  László Kovács MSZP PES   Hungary 2004–2010 Barroso Commission I (Taxation)
  Siim Kallas ER ALDE   Estonia Barroso Commission I (Audit)
  Algirdas Šemeta TS–LKD EPP   Lithuania 2010–2014 Barroso Commission II
  Pierre Moscovici PS S&D   France 2014–2019 Juncker Commission
  Paolo Gentiloni PD S&D   Italy 2019–2024 Von der Leyen Commission

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