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Europe Comics is a pan-European comics and graphic novel digital venture run by 13 European comics publishers from eight European countries.[1] The project received funding in 2015 from the European Commission's Creative Europe Programme,[2] and launched officially in November of that year.[3]

Europe Comics
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DistributionIzneo [fr], ComiXology, Apple, Google, Amazon, Kobo, OverDrive
Publication typesComic books and graphic novels for adults and younger readers; fiction and non-fiction

The purpose of the initiative is the development of a lesser-known but ample European literary genre, European comics, through the formation of a collective English-language digital catalogue, the organization of author tours and events across Europe and North America, and the creation of a website meant for comics readers and professionals.[4]



The Europe Comics catalog consists of original works from each publisher of the project, translated in English and published digitally. Selected titles include:


Since its launch, Europe Comics and its authors have participated in a number of comics and book events such as comic conventions (including the San Diego Comic-Con[5] and New York Comic-Con[6]), European book events (the London Book Fair[7] and Frankfurt Book Fair) and a variety of independent comics events such as the Small Press Expo[8] and the Brooklyn Book Festival in the United States.

Online directoryEdit

As described in the official summary of the Europe Comics initiative, one of the "tangible ... outcomes of the project will be the creation of a European comics directory with statistical information on markets and trends," intended as a reference for both comics fans and professionals in the comics field (including publishers, journalists, and scholars).[9]


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