Europe-Jeunesse is a French neo-pagan scouting organization established in 1973 and influenced by Nouvelle Droite values.[1][2]


After a meeting held in December 1972 between GRECE members Jean Mabire, Maurice Rollet and Jean-Claude Valla to discuss the creation of a pagan scouting organization, Europe-Jeunesse organized its first camp in Bussy-en-Othe in July 1973, under the supervision of Raymond Ferrand, a former member of Europe-Action.[2][3] Europe-Jeunesse is an attempt at a synthesis between the early French scouting movement of Nicolas Benoit [fr] (1875–1914) and the pre-Nazi German Youth Movement.[2] The group adopted the symbol of the defunct Europe-Action and the FEN, a hoplite helmet.[3][2]

Europe-Jeunesse is made up of ten ethno-cultural bans: "Gallia Belgica" for Wallonia, "Liguerie" for the Nice region, "Blood and Gold" around Nîmes, "Armed-Lions" in the Périgord, "Alpine" around Lyon and Grenoble, "An Avel Mor" in Brittany, "Comté Toulousain", "Île-de-France", "Alsace" and "Normandie". Each group is led by around sixty people who are part in maîtrises (supervisory staffs). Activities follow natural pagan rhythms: the equinox, the solstice, the gathering of mistletoe, a camp for the Celtic Festival of Samhain, etc.[2]


Yvan Benedetti was a member of Europe-Jeunesse in his youth,[4] as were the children of Jean-Yves Le Gallou.[3]


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