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Eurocities is a network of large cities in Europe, established following a 1986 to further economic, political and social development in its member cities.

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TypeNetwork of cities
Region served
140 member cities
Official language
Anna König Jerlmyr
Secretary general
Anna Lisa Boni

Today, Eurocities includes local governments of over 140 of Europe’s major cities from 39 countries,[1], which between them comprise 130 million people.

The Eurocities secretariat is based in Brussels, Belgium. The Brussels office carries out policy, projects, human resources, finance, administration and communications work.

Activities and StrategyEdit

Current Activities

Eurocities has five key areas that it focusses its work on: [2][3]

  • Cities as drivers of quality jobs and sustainable growth
  • Inclusive, diverse and creative cities
  • Green, free-flowing and healthy cities
  • Smarter cities
  • Urban innovation and governance in cities

Perspective for the post-2015

Moving to the 21st century, Eurocities has supported the need to strengthen a European urban model, in contrast to sprawling US metropolises and megacities in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The former Mayor of Ghent and former president of Eurocities (2016-18), Daniel Termont, declared that "healing Europe’s populist divisions depends on its cities" and their ability to enhance social cohesion and facilitate integration. [4]

The Mayor of Stockholm, current President of EUROCITIES (since November 2018), stated that during her mandate she will focus on providing new tools and services to member cities, so as to ensure that cities can better cooperate with EU institution. A stronger cities' involvement in the EU political debate, she argued, will help EU Institutions regain the trust of the citizens by providing better results. [5]

Membership criteriaEdit

Membership of Eurocities is open to any European city with a population of 250,000 or more. Cities within the European Union become full members, and other European cities become associate members. Local authorities of smaller cities, and organisations not eligible to become full or associate members, can become associated partners. Companies and businesses are allowed to become associated business partners.[6]



Full and associate members
City State Mayor/Leader Population Membership
Aarhus   Denmark Jacob Bundsgaard 335,684 Full member
Aix-Marseille-Provence[a]   France Jean Montagnac 1,886,842 Full member
Amsterdam   Netherlands Femke Halsema 851,223 Full member
Antwerp   Belgium Bart De Wever 517,042 Full member
Athens   Greece Giorgos Kaminis 664,046 Full member
Banja Luka   Bosnia and Herzegovina Igor Radojičić 150,997 Associate member
Barcelona   Spain Ada Colau 1,604,555 Full member
Belfast   United Kingdom Brian Kingston 532,928 Full member
Belgrade   Serbia Zoran Radojičić 1,166,763 Associate member
Bergen   Norway Marte Mjøs Persen 278,121 Full member
Berlin   Germany Michael Müller 3,431,675 Full member
Białystok   Poland Tadeusz Truskolaski 295,459 Full member
Bilbao   Spain Juan María Aburto 345,141 Full member
Birmingham   United Kingdom Ian Ward 1,141,374 Full member
Bologna   Italy Virginio Merola 389,009 Full member
Bonn   Germany Ashok-Alexander Sridharan 327,258 Full member
Bordeaux   France Alain Juppé 246,586 Full member
Braga   Portugal Ricardo Rio 181,494 Full member
Bratislava   Slovakia Matúš Vallo 421,801 Full member
Brighton and Hove   United Kingdom Warren Morgan 290,395 Full member
Bristol   United Kingdom Marvin Rees 463,405 Full member
Brno   Czech Republic Markéta Vaňková 377,028 Full member
Brussels   Belgium Philippe Close 178,552 Full member
Brussels Capital Region   Belgium Rudi Vervoort 1,191,604 Full member
Budapest   Hungary István Tarlós 1,759,407 Full member
Burgas   Bulgaria Dimitar Nikolov 211,033 Full member
Bydgoszcz   Poland Rafał Bruski 358,614 Full member
Cardiff   United Kingdom Huw Thomas 362,800 Full member
Chemnitz   Germany Barbara Ludwig 247,237 Full member
Cluj-Napoca   Romania Emil Boc 324,576 Full member
Cologne   Germany Henriette Reker 1,085,664 Full member
Constanța   Romania Decebal Făgădău 283,872 Full member
Copenhagen   Denmark Frank Jensen 606,057 Full member
Dortmund   Germany Ullrich Sierau 587,010 Full member
Dresden   Germany Dirk Hilbert 554,649 Full member
Dublin   Ireland Mícheál Mac Donncha 553,165 Full member
Düsseldorf   Germany Thomas Geisel 619,294 Full member
Edinburgh   United Kingdom Frank Ross 513,200 Full member
Eindhoven   Netherlands John Jorritsma 227,751 Full member
Espoo   Finland Jukka Mäkelä 281,886 Full member
Essen   Germany Thomas Kufen 583,109 Full member
Florence   Italy Dario Nardella 383,083 Full member
Frankfurt   Germany Peter Feldmann 746,878 Full member
Gaziantep   Turkey Fatma Şahin 1,556,381 Associate member
Gdansk   Poland Aleksandra Dulkiewicz 464,254 Full member
Genoa   Italy Marco Bucci 580,097 Full member
Ghent   Belgium Mathias De Clercq 259,083 Full member
Gijon   Spain Carmen Moriyón 271,843 Full member
Glasgow   United Kingdom Susan Aitken 621,020 Full member
Gothenburg   Sweden Ann-Sofie Hermansson 572,779 Full member
Grand Nancy[b]   France André Rossinot 260,665 Full member
Grenoble-Alpes Métropole   France Christophe Ferrari 451,752 Full member
Hamburg   Germany Peter Tschentscher 1,822,445 Full member
Helsinki   Finland Jan Vapaavuori 648,650 Full member
Istanbul   Turkey Mevlüt Uysal 12,697,164 Associate member
Izmir   Turkey Aziz Kocaoğlu 3,028,323 Associate member
Karlsruhe   Germany Frank Mentrup 311,919 Full member
Katowice   Poland Marcin Krupa 297,197 Full member
Kharkiv   Ukraine Hennadiy Kernes 1,439,036 Associate member
Kiel   Germany Ulf Kämpfer 247,441 Full member
Konya   Turkey Ugur Ibrahim Altay 2,161,303 Associate member
Kyiv   Ukraine Vitali Klitschko 2,900,920 Associate member
Leeds   United Kingdom Graham Latty 784,800 Full member
Leipzig   Germany Burkhard Jung 581,980 Full member
Lisbon   Portugal Fernando Medina 505,526 Full member
Liverpool   United Kingdom Joe Anderson 491,500 Full member
Ljubljana   Slovenia Zoran Janković 290,010 Full member
Lodz   Poland Hanna Zdanowska 687,702 Full member
London   United Kingdom Sadiq Khan 9,126,366 Full member
Lublin   Poland Krzysztof Żuk 349,103 Full member
Luxembourg   Luxembourg Lydie Polfer 107,247 Full member
Lviv   Ukraine Andriy Sadovyi 727,968 Associate member
Lyon   France Gérard Collomb 513,275 Full member
Madrid   Spain Manuela Carmena 3,223,334 Full member
Malaga   Spain Francisco De La Torre Prados 571,026 Full member
Malmo   Sweden Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh 312,012 Full member
Manchester   United Kingdom Richard Leese 545,500 Full member
Mannheim   Germany Peter Kurz 307,997 Full member
Métropole Européenne de Lille   France Damien Castelain 1,154,103 Full member
Milan   Italy Giuseppe Sala 1,372,810 Full member
Munich   Germany Dieter Reiter 1,456,039 Full member
Munster (Germany)   Germany Markus Lewe 311,846 Full member
Murcia   Spain José Ballesta Germán 447,182 Full member
Nantes   France Johanna Rolland 303,382 Full member
Newcastle-Gateshead   United Kingdom Nick Forbes 480,400 Full member
Nice   France Christian Estrosi 343,895 Full member
Nicosia   Cyprus Constantinos Yiorkadjis 181,234 Full member
Nottingham   United Kingdom Jon Collins 321,500 Full member
Novi Sad   Serbia Miloš Vučević 250,439 Associate member
Nuremberg   Germany Ulrich Maly 515,201 Full member
Odessa   Ukraine Gennadiy Trukhanov 1,016,515 Associate member
Oslo   Norway Marianne Borgen 673,469 Full member
Oulu   Finland Päivi Laajala 202,753 Full member
Palermo   Italy Leoluca Orlando 676,118 Full member
Paris   France Anne Hidalgo 2,140,526 Full member
Pilsen   Czech Republic Martin Baxa 306,000 Full member
Porto   Portugal Rui Moreira 302,472 Full member
Poznan   Poland Jacek Jaśkowiak 537,643 Full member
Prague   Czech Republic Zdeněk Hřib 1,301,132 Full member
Rennes Métropole   France Emmanuel Couet 444,723 Full member
Reykjavik   Iceland Dagur Bergþóruson Eggertsson 128,830 Full member
Riga   Latvia Nils Ušakovs 615 369 Full member
Rome   Italy Virginia Raggi 2,872,800 Full member
Rotterdam   Netherlands Ahmed Aboutaleb 1,015,215 Full member
Rzeszow   Poland Tadeusz Ferenc 189 662 Full member
Sarajevo   Bosnia and Herzegovina Abdulah Skaka 275,524 Associate member
Seville   Spain Juan Espadas 703,021 Full member
Sheffield   United Kingdom Magid Magid 577,800 Full member
Skopje   North Macedonia Petre Šilegov 544,086 Associate member
Sofia   Bulgaria Yordanka Fandakova 1,238,438 Full member
Saint-Étienne Métropole   France Gaël Perdriau 408,685 Full member
Stockholm   Sweden Anna König Jelmyr 960,031 Full member
Strasbourg   France Roland Ries 279,284 Full member
Stuttgart   Germany Fritz Kuhn 632,743 Full member
Sunderland   United Kingdom Tim Hakim 280,600 Full member
Tallinn   Estonia Taavi Aas 439,919 Full member
Tampere   Finland Lauri Lyly 234,441 Full member
Tbilisi   Georgia Kakha Kaladze 1,158,700 Associate member
Terrassa Metropolitan Area   Spain Alfredo Vega 410,000 Full member
The Hague   Netherlands Pauline Krikke 527,748 Full member
Thessaloniki   Greece Yiannis Boutaris 325,182 Full member
Timisoara   Romania Nicolae Robu 319,279 Full member
Tirana   Albania Erion Veliaj 557,422 Associate member
Toulouse   France Jean-Luc Moudenc 479,638 Full member
Turin   Italy Chiara Appendino 878,074 Full member
Turku   Finland Minna Arve 190,935 Full member
Uppsala   Sweden Marlene Burwick 210,000 Full member
Utrecht   Netherlands Jan van Zanen 345,080 Full member
Valladolid   Spain Oscar Puente 299,715 Full member
Vantaa   Finland Ritva Viljanen 226,160 Full member
Varna   Bulgaria Ivan Portnih 335,854 Full member
Venice   Italy Luigi Brugnaro 260,897 Full member
Verona   Italy Federico Sboarina 258,108 Full member
Vienna   Austria Michael Ludwig 1,899,055 Full member
Vilnius   Lithuania Remigijus Šimašius 536,631 Full member
Warsaw   Poland Rafał Trzaskowski 1,764,615 Full member
Wroclaw   Poland Jacek Sutryk 639,258 Full member
Yerevan   Armenia Hayk Marutyan 1,075,800 Associate member
Zagreb   Croatia Milan Bandić 802,588 Full member
Zaragoza   Spain Pedro Santisteve 666,880 Full member
Zurich    Switzerland Corine Mauch 409,241 Associate member
Associated partners
City State Mayor/Leader Population
Acharnes   Greece Sotiris Douros 106,943
Almere   Netherlands Franc Weerwind 202,764
Amiens[c]   France Alain Gest 178,915
Amarousio   Greece Giοrgos Patoulis 80,000
Arezzo   Italy Alessandro Ghinelli 99,000
Beşiktaş   Turkey Dr. Abdullah Kalkan
Beylikdüzü   Turkey Ekrem İmamoğlu 314,670
Beyoğlu   Turkey Ahmet Misbah Demircan 254,000
Bremen   Germany Carsten Sieling 527,900
Brest Metropole   France François Cuillandre 210,000
Cesena   Italy Paolo Lucchi 95,909
Derry-Strabane   United Kingdom John Boyle 148,000
Donostia-San Sebastian   Spain Eneko Goia Laso 180,000
Fuenlabrada   Spain Manuel Robles Delgado 198,000
Grand Reims   France Catherine Vautrin 298,000
Groningen   Netherlands Peter den Oudsten 200,000
Guimaraes   Portugal Domingos Bragança 158,124
Haarlem   Netherlands Jos Wienen 157,000
Hagen   Germany Erik O. Schulz 201,700
Heraklion   Greece Vasilis Labrinos 150,000
Kadikoy   Turkey Aykurt Nuhoğlu
Karlstad   Sweden Per-Samuel Nisser 87,000
Klaipeda   Lithuania Vytautas Grubliauskas
Kortrijk   Belgium Vincent Van Quickenborne 75,000
Kungsbacka   Sweden Hans Forsberg 80,000
Lausanne    Switzerland Grégoire Junod 140,000
Leeuwarden   Netherlands Ferd Crone 108,768
Leuven   Belgium Mohamed Ridouani 100,000
Linkoping   Sweden Lars Vikinge 159,000
Lisburn and Castlereagh   United Kingdom Tim Morrow 135,000
Mezitli   Turkey Neşet Tarhan 180,000
Nacka   Sweden Mats Gerdau 100,000
Netwerkstad Twente   Netherlands 320,000
Osmangazi   Turkey Mustafa Dündar 750,000
Ostend   Belgium Bart Tommelein 71,921
Pendik   Turkey Salih Kenan Şahin 625,797
Pesaro   Italy Matteo Ricci 94,813
Preston   United Kingdom Cllr Matthew Brown 130,000
Rijeka   Croatia Vojko Obersnel 142,500
Serdivan   Turkey Yusuf Alemdar 90,680
Sipoo   Finland Mikael Grannas 19,235
Solna   Sweden Pehr Granfalk 80,000
Saint-Nazaire   France Joël-Guy Batteux 115,000
Stavanger   Norway Christine Sagen Helgø 126,469
Turkish Cypriot community of Nicosia   Cyprus Mehmet Harmanci 313,000
Umea   Sweden Anders Agren
Wolverhampton   United Kingdom Phil Page 236,400



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