Etajima stabbings

On 14 March 2013, Chinese exchange student and intern Chen Shuangxi attacked his co-workers at the Kawaguchi Suisan fish-processing firm in Etajima, Hiroshima, Japan. Two people were killed and six others were injured.[1][2]

2013 Etajima stabbing
Etajima in Hiroshima Prefecture Ja.svg
Location of Etajima in Hiroshima Prefecture
LocationEtajima, Hiroshima, Japan
Date14 March 2013
Attack type
PerpetratorChen Shuangxi


Chen attacked his co-workers with a shovel and a knife. Nobuyuki Kawaguchi, 55, the president of the Kawaguchi Suisan oyster farm, and female co-worker Masako Hashishita, 68, were killed in the attack. One man and five women were injured.[1]


Chen testified that shortly before the incident he heard his name mentioned by colleagues. Hiroshima police believe he might have misunderstood colleagues and wrongly believed that they insulted him.


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