Estudantes (CPTM)

Estudantes is a train station on CPTM Line 11-Coral, being the line terminus, located in the city of Mogi das Cruzes. It's in a privileged position, next to Braz Cubas and Mogi das Cruzes Universities, Mogi Shopping Mall, Estudantes Urban Bus Terminal, and Geraldo Scavone Bus Terminus, which are terminus for many bus lines.

Estacao estudantes.jpg
Entrance of the station.
LocationR. Prof. Álvaro Pavan
Centro Cívico
Coordinates23°30′56″S 46°11′03″W / 23.5155°S 46.184303°W / -23.5155; -46.184303Coordinates: 23°30′56″S 46°11′03″W / 23.5155°S 46.184303°W / -23.5155; -46.184303
Owned byBandeira do estado de São Paulo.svg Government of the State of São Paulo
Operated byCptmsymbol.svg CPTM
PlatformsSide and island platforms
Structure typeSurface
Other information
Station codeEST
Opened10 November 1976
Preceding station   CPTM   Following station
toward Luz
Line 11 L11 C.pngTerminus
Track layout
to MRS Logística tracks


The creation of Braz Cubas University (1940) and Mogi das Cruzes University (1962) made an increase of students traffic from São Paulo, Suzano, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, among other cities, flow to the city of Mogi das Cruzes. Until then, the commuter train lines had Mogi das Cruzes as terminus station, obligating the students to take a bus to do the percourse[check spelling] of 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) remaining until these two campuses; With the demand growth, RFFSA created 2 special trains to attend to this demand: Alvorada and Estudantes. While the first was an express train with a different fee, the second attended exclusively the Mogi students demand. In one of these trips, on 8 June 1972, an electrical failure caused a collision between the students' train and a diesel express train. The accident caused the death of 23 people and wounded other 100. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Mogi residents claimed for an expansion of the commuter trains until the universities region.[1]

In the end of 1975, RFFSA hired Civilia Ircos Constructions and Commerce Ltd. company to construction a new station, by the cost of 4,500,000 BRB. Construction started on 20 February 1976 and there was a promise to deliver it on mid-August.[2] However, delays made the station to open only on 10 November 1976. On the same day, TUE Budd Mafersa-Series 1400 were delivered to the traffic.[3]

In 1994, it was transferred to CPTM, which operated the station as an extension with scheduled departures at some hours of Variante Mogi Line, as the train needed to cross 4 level crossings in downtown Mogi, causing interruptions in the transit. In the mid-2000s, this operation was abolished and trains started to operate in full commercial time (4 a.m. to 12 a.m.).


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