Esti Budapest

Esti Budapest (meaning Evening Budapest in English) was a Hungarian newspaper. It was published daily (except Sundays) from 2 April 1952 to 23 October 1956.

Esti Budapest
Esti Budapest, 6 October 1956
TypeEvening newspaper
Founded2 April 1952
Ceased publication23 October 1956
OCLC number34883422

History and profileEdit

Esti Budapest was first published on 2 April 1952.[1] The paper was the successor of Vilagossag.[1] It was an evening newspaper and featured mostly leisure- and culture-related news.[2] The paper was the organ of the Budapest Party Committee of the Hungarian Working People's Party and the Budapest City Council.[1]

Esti Budapest ceased publication on 23 October 1956 and was later replaced by Esti Hírlap.[1]

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