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Estates of the Netherlands Antilles

The Estates of the Netherlands Antilles (Dutch: Staten van de Nederlandse Antillen) were the parliament of the Netherlands Antilles. They had 22 members, elected for a four-year term in three multi-seat constuencies and 2 single-seat constuencies. On 10 October 2010 the Netherlands Antilles were dissolved, and so were their Estates.

2010 Parliamentary electionsEdit

e • d Summary of the 22 January 2010 Estates of the Netherlands Antilles election results
Parties Island Votes % Seats +/–
Party for the Restructured Antilles (Partido Antiá Restrukturá) Curaçao 26,641 6 +1
List of Change (Lista di Kambio) Curaçao 23,552 5
Sovereign People (Pueblo Soberano) Curaçao 10,789 2 +2
National People's Party (Partido Nashonal di Pueblo) Curaçao 6,494 1 –1
Party Workers' Liberation Front 30th of May (Partido Frente Obrero Liberashon 30 Di Mei) Curaçao 4,373 0 –2
Democratic Party (Democratische Partij) Curaçao 1,815 0
Party for an Emancipated People (Partido un Pueblo Emansipa) Curaçao 311 0
Movement Opposing Isla Refinery (Movementu Solushon Isla) Curaçao 195 0
National Alliance Sint Maarten 6,939 3 +1
Democratic Party Sint Maarten (Democratische Partij Sint Maarten) Sint Maarten 3,560 0 –1
People's Progressive Alliance Sint Maarten 916 0
Bonaire Patriotic Union (Union Patriotico Bonairano) Bonaire 3,673 2
Bonaire Democratic Party (Partido Democratico Bonairano) Bonaire 2,720 1
List of Change (Lista di Kambio) Bonaire 1,126 0
Democratic Party Sint Eustatius (Democratische Partij Sint Eustatius) Sint Eustatius 602 1
Progressive Labour Party Sint Eustatius 341 0
Windwards Islands People's Movement Saba 393 1
Total     22
Sources: Amigoe Bonaire Reporter St. Maarten Island Time