Estadio Julio Lores Colán

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Estadio Julio Lores Colán is a multi-use stadium in Huaral, Peru. It is currently used by football team Unión Huaral.[1] The stadium holds 10,000 people.[1] The stadium is named for Julio Lores Colán, born in 1908, who was a Peruvian-Mexican football forward who played for Peru in the 1930 FIFA World Cup.[2]

Built in 1952, the stadium has an official capacity of 5,962 spectators in its four stands (less than the actual capacity of 10,000), distributed as follows:

  • North and South stands: 1,650 spectators
  • East stands: 1,176
  • West stands: 1,270
  • Box: 216

The grandstand, located in the West, has four booths for radio and television transmission. The stadium is located five minutes from the city center, on the road to Chancay.

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