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Essien Udim is one of the Annang speaking Local Government Areas in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. It was created out of the former Ikot Ekpene division and included the following clans in Annang land: Ukana, Adiasim, Ikpe, Okon, Nsasak, Ekpenyong Atai and, Ukana Ikot Ntuen,Odoro Ikot, AFaha.

Essien Udim
Essien Udim is located in Nigeria
Essien Udim
Essien Udim
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 5°08′0″N 7°41′0″E / 5.13333°N 7.68333°E / 5.13333; 7.68333Coordinates: 5°08′0″N 7°41′0″E / 5.13333°N 7.68333°E / 5.13333; 7.68333
Country Nigeria
StateAkwa Ibom State
 • ChairmanBarr. Paulinus J. Idio
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Historically, it was the most populated area among the Annang Land with its headquarters in Afaha Ikot Ebak. Currently, its chairman is Barr. Paulinus J. Idio. In Ikpe Annang there are fourteen villages which are:Ibam, Ikot Akpan, Ikot Ntuen, Nnung Iyang, Udok, Mbia Obong, Mbiabet, Ikot Ekpe, Ikot Eside, Ebe, Ikot Abiat, Ekpeno Oton, Onion Ono, Ekoi. and the smallest village among them is Ikpe Ekoi and the largest among is Mbiabet. In Okon there are eighteen villages which includes: Ikot Idem Udo, Ikot Oko, Ikot Essien, Ikot Ukeh Etor, Ikot Nya, Ikot Ama, Ikot Igwe, Ikot Ekefre, Ikot Ekpenyong, Ikot Ochuo, Ikot Udo Okure, Ikpe Okon, Ifa Okon, Umon, Nji, Ufuku, Nto Okpo and Nto Ubiam.

The A342 highway crosses the east and the north of the LGA.