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Espelho d'Água (Water Mirror) is a Portuguese telenovela which began airing on SIC in 1 May 2017 – 21 April 2018.

Espelho d'Água
Espelho d'Água poster.jpg
"De Frente Para o Passado" (Portuguese) "Moving forward towards the Past" (English)
StarringMariana Pacheco
Vítor Silva Costa
Luísa Cruz
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Country of originPortugal
Original language(s)Portuguese
No. of episodes327
Original networkSIC
Original release1 May 2017 (2017-05-01) –
21 April 2018 (2018-04-21)
Preceded byRainha das Flores
Followed byVidas Opostas
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Espelho d'Água


Rita has no family, no money, no past.

Twenty years after the tragedy that left her with nothing, she will only stop when she finds her mother and brother, who she can barely remember.

She will also fight to find love and have the man who was destined for her by her side when you have the man you love beside.

To accomplish her goals, she will have to face those who took everything from her.

Rita has little memories about her past. She feels alone in a hostile world where she doesn’t seem to fit in. She was left at a foster care center when she was very young and only remembers having grown up in institutions, spending a few seasons with families who took her in. Then, at the age of 24, she gets some information about her family: her father was killed and her mother disappeared with a baby brother.

In the eagerness to find them, and to learn more about her father, she goes to the cod fishing company that once belonged to the family. There, and without realizing it, she falls into the hands of the person responsible for the death of her father.

But it is also in looking for what she has lost, that she ends up finding the love of her life.

Water Mirror is a story about the loss of family and identity, about reencounters and construction of affective bonds.

It's a drama that shows us we are not meant to wander around the world alone.[1]


Actor/Actress Characters
Mariana Pacheco Rita Faria
Vítor Silva Costa António Vidigal
Luísa Cruz Sara Vidigal
Luciana Abreu Filipa Nogueira
Cristina Homem de Mello Luísa Ferreira
Marcantónio Del Carlo Fernando Montês
Marina Mota Sal Silvier
João Ricardo Mário Pereira
Fernando Inácio Carlos Damião
Sílvia Filipe Irmã Madalena
Alexandre de Sousa Joaquim Goulart
Inês Curado Clara Baptista
Raquel Baptista
Amélia Videira Matilde Falcão
Liliana Santos Patrícia Lima
Renato Godinho Tiago Vidigal
Susana Cacela Sofia Pereira
Pedro Lacerda Bruno Gomes
Ana Nave Lucinda Gama
Valéria Carvalho Renata Pires
José Condessa Vítor Gama
Marina Mota Sofia Pereira
António Cordeiro Horácio Gama
Diogo Martins Pedro Gomes
Diana Sousa Lara Cláudia Pereira
Lídia Franco Isabel Goulart
Carla Chambel Eunice Gomes
Luís Gaspar Jaime Rodrigues
Gonçalo Norton Afonso Goulart
Filipe Vargas Hélder Gonçalves
António Maria Francisco Ferreira "Kiko"
Rui Neto Rafael Almeida
Ricardo Carriço Nuno Vidigal
Carolina Torres Inês Reis
João Cabral Álvaro Faria
Maria Arrais Elsa Pereira
Diogo Nobre André Gama
Rui Luís Brás Zé Paulo
Susana Mendes Paula


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