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Escuela Libre de Derecho

View of the school from Dr Rio de la Loza Street

Escuela Libre de Derecho (ELD) is a law school in Mexico City. It was founded in 1912 and it has no other location or campus in the country.

Since its foundation in 1912 it has had as exclusive mission the teaching of law, under the principle and the respect the teacher's academic freedoms, outside of any kind of cult, political or religious ideology. Alumni of this school practice law in the private sector, as well as in the public sector, among every level of government, in the three branches of government and constitutionally autonomous organisms, including two former Mexican presidents, and several former and current Supreme Court ministers.

Characteristics of the SchoolEdit

Some of the fundamental characteristics of the school is that it is sponsored by the board of the Illustrious and National Bar Association of México (Ilustre y Nacional Colegio de Abogados de México, in Spanish), and, in accordance with the "Regulatory Decree of Free Schools" (Decreto Regulatorio de Escuelas Libres, in Spanish) of October 22, 1929, on its first article it defines free schools as the teaching institutions sustained by private efforts and resources, that have for purpose to provide artistic, middle school, high school, or professional education; and on article 7 establishes that the concession granted by the then acting president, Emilio Portés Gil constituted the legal title of the authorized free school, giving the school a definitive right which cannot be canceled, having plain right to issue its diplomas according to its study plans, without the need of the recognition of the official validity of studies granted by the Public Education Secretary. Being the Escuela Libre de Derecho the only one in its type subject to said privilege régime.

Another characteristic of this school is that its teachers do not charge salary or monetary compensation whatsoever, which is why students only make a symbolic payment used to cover the school expenses.

Motto and Principles of Escuela Libre de DerechoEdit

The motto for Escuela Libre de Derecho is "Ius neque inflecti gratia, Neque perfringi potentia, Neque adulterari pecunia debet", which traduced from Latin means "law cannot be influenced by favor, seduced by power nor adulterated by pecuniary favor".

The building of Escuela Libre de Derecho counts with an access from the street Doctor José María Vértiz and another one from Arcos de Belén Avenue, said access has a hall with red walls that has transcribed in golden letters the article 6 of the schools reglamentation that states: "the order and discipline of the School are entrusted to the honor of its students and its teachers", emphasizing that the responsibility of the order inside and outside of the Institution rests in its student body and teachers, who always have in consideration that in Escuela Libre de Derecho everyone act in good faith.

Evaluation and CertificationEdit

Escuela Libre de Derecho is the only professional teaching institution in the country where courses last a full year and it counts with an evaluation system consisting in a unique final exam for every course, consisting in verbal replies presented upon a jury integrated by, at least, three sinodles who shall be able to practice law by having a lawyer degree. This system is based in having a maximum number of courses a student can fail each year, as long it does not exceeds five courses, failing a sixth course would be cause for definitive discharge from the Institution; the ordinary time to conclude studies in this Institution and according with its study plan is of five years, but it cannot be extended by more than two years, since it would cause definitive discharge of the student.

The grades assigned by the examining jury in each course are unappealable. Once all the courses required by the Institution are approved, the student shall present a grade exam in which a thesis is presented and a practical case solved, in case the examining jury considers the student is apt to approve this exam, the School, under the patronage of the Illustrious and National Bar Association of México will issue the corresponding diploma for the law studies in order to practice law, different from the rest of teaching institutions in Mexico that issue their degrees for bachelor of law; obtaining the alumni form Escuela Libre de Derecho by the Public Education Secretary a lawyer certification.

Notable alumniEdit

Mexican Presidents

Cabinet secretaries



The Escuela Libre de Derecho was founded on July 24, 1912. Several alumni had protested that Luis Cabrera had been imposed as the dean of the Escuela Nacional de Jurisprudencia, overlooking Don Jorge Vera Estañol. It is considered by now one of the best Mexican law schools.

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