1 Indian Escudo (1959)
Obverse: Lettering "ESTADO·DA·INDIA", face value with Coat of arms of Portugal in the center. Reverse: Lettering "REPÚBLICA · PORTUGUESA", year and Coat of arms of Portugal in the center.
6,000,000 coins minted. This coin was from Portuguese State of India which lasted till 1961

The escudo (Portuguese: 'shield') is a unit of currency historically used in Portugal and its colonies in South America, Asia, and Africa.[1] It was originally worth 16 silver reais. The Cape Verdean escudo and the former Portuguese escudo (PTE), each subdivided into 100 centavos, are named after the historical currency. Its symbol is the Cifrão, a letter S with two vertical bars superimposed used between the units and the subdivision (for example, 25Cifrão symbol.svg50).

Juana and Charles I. 1504-1555. AV Escudo (24 mm, 3.38 g, 9 h). Seville mint.
Portuguese coin of 1 escudo, 1987

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