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Escape from San Quentin

Escape from San Quentin is a 1957 American film noir crime film starring Merry Anders and Johnny Desmond.[1] The screenplay was written by then-blacklisted Bernard Gordon.

Escape from San Quentin
Directed byFred F. Sears
Produced bySam Katzman
Written byRaymond T. Marcus
StarringMerry Anders
Johnny Desmond
Richard Devon
Music byJohnny Desmond
CinematographyBenjamin H. Kline
Release date
September 1957
Running time
81 minutes



Mike Gilbert is doing time at San Quentin prison in California. His sentence doesn't have long to go, but when fellow convict Roy Gruber plans a breakout and wants pilot Gilbert to help steal a plane and fly them out of the country, splitting $120,000 in stolen money Gruber has hidden, Gilbert goes along, having heard his wife Georgie wants a divorce.

During their escape, inmate Hap Graham tries to tag along. The plane only holds two passengers, so Gruber roughly throws Hap to the ground, injuring him. Low on fuel, the plane can make it only as far as a rural road where Gruber knocks a man unconscious and steals his truck.

Mike gets in touch with his sister-in-law Robbie, who tries and fails to get Georgie to help her husband. The money's in Los Angeles, hidden by Gruber's father, Curly. With police watching, Gruber gets a friend named Richie try to retrieve it. Hap turns up, seeking revenge, but he is killed and Richie badly hurt. Robbie comes along as the fugitives flee across the border to Tijuana. The ruthless Gruber decides to take Robbie captive and murders his friend Richie.

Mike has little choice but to help the border patrol capture his crony and rescue the girl. He saves a Mexican policeman's life in the process, which law authorities say they will take into consideration as they return Mike to jail, with Robbie promising to wait for him.



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