Ernst Gottfried Baldinger

Ernst Gottfried Baldinger (13 May 1738 – 21 January 1804), German physician, was born in Großvargula near Erfurt.

Ernst Gottfried Baldinger
Copper engraving of Baldinger by Konrad Westermeyer
Born(1738-05-13)13 May 1738
Died21 January 1804(1804-01-21) (aged 65)
Alma materUniversity of Erfurt
University of Halle
University of Jena
Known forDe Militum Morbis (1765)
Scientific career
InstitutionsUniversity of Göttingen
University of Marburg
Doctoral advisorErnst Anton Nicolai
Other academic advisorsChristoph Mangold
Doctoral studentsSamuel Thomas von Sömmerring
Johann Friedrich Blumenbach
Johann Christian Gottlieb Ackermann
Johann Christian Wiegleb[1]

He studied medicine at Erfurt, Halle and Jena, earning his MD in 1760 under the guidance of Ernst Anton Nicolai[2] and in 1761 was entrusted with the superintendence of the military hospitals connected with the Prussian encampment near Torgau.

He published a treatise in 1765, De Militum Morbis, which met with a favourable reception. In 1768, he became professor of medicine at Jena, which he left in 1773 for Göttingen, and in 1785 he moved to Marburg, where he died of apoplexy on 21 January 1804.

Among his pupils were Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, Samuel Thomas von Sömmerring, Albrecht Thaer,[3] and Johann Christian Wiegleb. He wrote approximately 84 separate treatises, in addition to numerous papers scattered through various collections and journals. He corresponded with Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus[4] and was the author of some plant names. He was the editor of Auszüge aus den neuesten Dissertationen über die Naturlehre, Arzneiwissenschaft und alle Theile derselben [5]

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  • 1769-1778 Pallas, P. S., Erxleben, J. C. P., Baldinger, E. G. [full title] Peter Simon Pallas Naturgeschichte merkwuerdiger Thiere, in welcher vornehmlich neue und unbekannte Thierarten durch Kupferstiche, Beschreibungen und Erklaerungen erlaeutert werden. Durch den Verfasser verteutscht. I. Band 1 bis 10te Sammlung mit Kupfern. Berlin und Stralsund, G. A. Lange (Samml. 1-10), 48 Taf.
  • 1783-1785 Historia mercurii et mercurialium medica (Volume 1/2) Digital edition by the University and State Library Düsseldorf

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