Ernesto Inarkiev

Ernesto Inarkiev (Russian: Эрнесто Инаркиев; born 9 December 1985) is a Russian chess grandmaster, the first ever from Kalmykia.[1] He was European champion in 2016.

Ernesto Inarkiev
Эрнесто Инаркиев Москва 2020.jpg
Inarkiev in Moscow 2020
Born (1985-12-09) 9 December 1985 (age 34)
Khaidarkan, Kirghiz SSR, Soviet Union
TitleGrandmaster (2002)
FIDE rating2661 (November 2020)
Peak rating2732 (September 2016)

Since July 2005, Inarkiev has continuously been among the 100 highest FIDE-rated chess players in the world.

Inarkiev was part of the Moscow team that won the Russian championship in rapid chess in 2015.

Life and careerEdit

Inarkiev, who was named after Ernesto "Che" Guevara,[2] was born in Khaidarkan, Kyrgyzstan[1] (then part of the Soviet Union). In 1999, he won the Asian under-16 championship and the men championship of Kyrgyzstan.[1] He played for Kyrgyzstan in two Chess Olympiads: 1998 and 2000.

In 2000, he accepted Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's offer to move to Elista with his family[1] and started to represent the Russian Chess Federation and Kalmykia.[3] Beginning in 2001, he was trained by one of the best coaches in the world Mark Dvoretsky.

Inarkiev won the Under-16 division of the European Youth Chess Championship in 2001.[4] In 2002, Inarkiev won the Russian junior (under-20) championship.[5]

In 2005 Inarkiev moved to Moscow, wherein 2008 graduated from economic faculty of RSSU, in finance and credit.

Inarkiev won twice the Higher league of the Russian championship (2006;2013). In 2006 finished third in the Superfinal of the 59th Russian Chess Championship.

Five-time winner of the Russian team championship with the team "Tomsk-400" (2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012). Two-time winner of European Club Cup with the team "Tomsk-400" (2005, 2006).

Winner of several international tournaments, including the Baku Open-2014[6] and 3rd Sharjah Masters 2019.[7]

Inarkiev won the "Moscow Open 2015" with impressive result 8/9.[8][9]

In 2016, Inarkiev won the European Championship in Gjakova with a performance of 2882.[10][11]

In November 2017, with a rating 2767, became the 16th player in the world in the FIDE rapid chess rating list.

Multiple participant of World Cups, and Superfinals of Russian championship. Inarkiev was taking part in team championships of Germany, China, Turkey, Spain and Greece.

Inarkiev is practising aikido, in 2016 he have got the black belt 1st dan in aikido.

Co-organizer of the chess festival "Tower of Concord", annually organized by sports club "Adi Ahmad" in Ingushetia from 2016. The main event of the festival is the match Inarkiev played against invited stars - Boris Gelfand in 2016[12] and 2017,[13] Wei Yi in 2018[14] and Sergey Karjakin in 2019.[15]

From January 2017 till January 2019 Inarkiev was the President of Chess Federation of Ingushetia. During that period the project "Chess in schools" was implemented in the republic in cooperation with Russian chess federation and Timchenko Foundation. Now there're chess lessons in every school of the region.

2017 incident against Magnus CarlsenEdit

In the 2017 World Blitz Championship in the game against Magnus Carlsen, Inarkiev was at the centre of the scandal that appeared due to a gap in the rules. When both players had few seconds till the end of the game, Carlsen made a check, but Inarkiev, by accident or design, ignored this check and instead played an illegal move which put Carlsen in check. Amazingly, Carlsen forgot that he just made a check, and instead of simply stopping the clock and calling the match arbiter, he moved his own king away from the attack. After that, Inarkiev, called the arbiter, stated that Carlsen made an illegal move, and asked the arbiter to award him the victory. The arbiter, in confusion, did award Inarkiev the victory. 15 minutes after the end of the round, when both players left the playing area and could analyze the final position, the Chief arbiter revoked this decision, arguing that Carlsen’s move was not technically illegal, and invited the participants to continue the game from the position in which it was stopped (after the move made by Carlsen which put Inarkiev in check). Inarkiev refused to continue the game, saying that he couldn't accept that move made by Carlsen was legal, and as a result, Carlsen was awarded the victory. Inarkiev's subsequent appeal was dismissed.

In the discussion that broke out after this incident, the opinion of the arbiters was divided. Many well-known arbiters expressed the opinion that in this case the rule about an illegal position should be applied - there are no legal moves in an illegal position, which means that the game cannot be continued and the arbiter should count the draw as a result in a such game.[16][17][18]

After this game, in 2018, the rules of the blitz and rapid chess were amended - now, if the arbiter sees the position where the kings of both sides are checked, the arbiter must wait for the completion of the next move, and if an illegal position remains on the board, he must count the draw in such a game. Also, warnings and penalties are currently provided for the first illegal move, and only if the same player will make the illegal move twice the arbiter will count loss to him.[19]


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