Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad

The Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad was a railroad based in Erie, Pennsylvania incorporated on 1 April 1858. Operations began in March 1860. It operated jointly with Buffalo and State Line Railroad from an indeterminate date until 28 February 1870, in connection with the latter's commitment, along with the Erie and North East Railroad, to complete track construction between Jamestown, Pennsylvania, and Girard, Pennsylvania. The railroad was leased as of 1 April 1870, by the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad
Dates of operation1860–1870
SuccessorPennsylvania Railroad
Length83 miles (134 km)

William Lawrence Scott, trustee for EPR and the Pennsylvania Railroad, bought the Erie Canal Company (owner of the Erie Extension Canal) at a sheriff's sale on 29 November 1870. The deed was conveyed to EPR as of 22 March 1871.

EPR held stock in Pennsylvania Railroad and Pittsburgh, Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad.

EPR operated 83 miles (134 km) of track:

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