Erard II, Count of Brienne

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Erard II of Brienne (died 1191) was count of Brienne from 1161 to 1191, and a French general during the Third Crusade, most notably at the Siege of Acre.[1] He was the son of Gautier II, count of Brienne, and Adèle of Baudemont, daughter of Andrew, lord of Baudemont and Agnes of Braine.[2] His paternal grandparents were Erard I, Count of Brienne and Alix de Roucy. During this siege he saw his brother André of Brienne die on 4 October 1189, before being killed himself on 8 February 1191. Erard II's nephew was Erard of Brienne-Ramerupt.

Before 1166 he married Agnès of Montfaucon († after 1186),[3] daughter of Amadeus II of Montfaucon and of Béatrice of Grandson-Joinville. Their children were:


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