Equestrian at the 1952 Summer Olympics – Individual dressage

The individual dressage at the 1952 Summer Olympics took place between 28 and 29 July, at the Ruskeasuo Equestrian Hall. The event was open to women for the first time; of the 27 riders, 4 were female—including silver medalist Lis Hartel.[1]

Individual dressage
at the Games of the XV Olympiad
1952OG-St Cyr-Master Rufus.jpg
Henri Saint Cyr and Master Rufus
VenueRuskeasuo Equestrian Hall
Date28–29 July
Competitors27 from 10 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Henri Saint Cyr  Sweden
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Lis Hartel  Denmark
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) André Jousseaume  France
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Competition formatEdit

The team and individual dressage competitions used the same results. Competitors were given 15 minutes to complete their corresponding tests. For each second over the 15-minute mark, contestants lost half a point.


Rank Rider Nation Horse Score
  Henri Saint Cyr   Sweden Master Rufus 561.0
  Lis Hartel   Denmark Jubilee 541.5
  André Jousseaume   France Harpagon 541.0
4 Gottfried Trachsel   Switzerland Kursus 531.0
5 Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern, Jr.   Sweden Krest 531.0
6 Henri Chammartin   Switzerland Wöhler 529.5
7 Heinz Pollay   Germany Adular 518.5
8 Gustav Fischer   Switzerland Soliman 518.5
9 Gehnäll Persson   Sweden Knaust 505.5
10 Ida von Nagel   Germany Afrika 503.0
11 Bob Borg   United States Bill Biddle 492.0
12 Fritz Thiedemann   Germany Chronist 479.5
13 Jean Peitevin de Saint André   France Vol au Vent 479.0
14 José Larraín   Chile Rey de Oros 473.5
15 Else Christophersen   Norway Diva 459.0
16 Héctor Clavel   Chile Frontalera 452.0
17 Marjorie Haines   United States The Flying Dutchman 446.0
18 Kristian Jensen   Denmark Odense 439.0
19 Vladimir Raspopov   Soviet Union Imeninnik 433.5
20 António Reymão Nogueira   Portugal Napeiro 428.5
21 Francisco Valadas Júnior   Portugal Feitico 422.0
22 Ernesto Silva   Chile Viarregio 415.0
23 Jean Saint-Fort Paillard   France Tapir 403.5
24 Vasily Tikhonov   Soviet Union Pevec 395.0
25 Nikolay Sitko   Soviet Union Cesar 377.0
26 Fernando Paes   Portugal Matamas 346.0
27 Hartmann Pauly   United States Reno Overdo 315.5


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