Equestrian at the 1948 Summer Olympics – Individual jumping

The individual show jumping in equestrian at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London was held at the Wembley Stadium on 14 August.[1] The competition consisted of a single round of jumping. In the case of a tie in points, a jump-off was arranged. The jump-off had no time limit, however, the time taken to complete the jump-off was used as a tie-breaker.[2] The points from the individual competition were also used in the team competition. There were 44 competitors from 15 nations, with nations able to send up to three riders each.[3] The event was won by Humberto Mariles of Mexico, with his teammate Rubén Uriza taking silver at the top of a three-way jump-off for second place. Mariles' win was Mexico's first victory in the event. Jean-François d'Orgeix of France earned that nation's first individual jumping medal since 1928 with his bronze.

Individual jumping
at the Games of the XIV Olympiad
Humberto Mariles 1956.jpg
Humberto Mariles (1956)
VenueWembley Stadium
Date14 August
Competitors44 from 15 nations
Winning total6.25
1st place, gold medalist(s) Humberto Mariles
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Rubén Uriza
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Jean-François d'Orgeix
← 1936
1952 →


This was the eighth appearance of the event, which had first been held at the 1900 Summer Olympics and has been held at every Summer Olympics at which equestrian sports have been featured (that is, excluding 1896, 1904, and 1908). It is the oldest event on the current programme, the only one that was held in 1900.[3]

None of the top 10 riders from the pre-war 1936 competition returned.

Brazil, Denmark, Finland, and Ireland each made their debut in the event. France and Sweden both competed for the seventh time, tied for the most of any nation; Sweden had missed only the inaugural 1900 competition, while France missed the individual jumping in 1932.

Competition formatEdit

The team and individual jumping competitions used the same scores. A single round of jumping was held.

The jumping test featured 16 obstacles (19 total jumps) over 870 metres. Points were lost for faults (including elimination for the third refusal on the course) and for exceeding the time limit. Ties for medals were determined by jump-off; other ties were not broken. In the jump-off, there was no time limit but instead the time was used as a tie-breaker if pairs had the same number of faults.[3]


All times are British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Date Time Round
Saturday, 14 August 1948 13:30 Final


Mariles was the last rider. Three riders had already finished with 8 faults apiece. Only two teams (Spain and Great Britain) had finished; with Mariles' teammates both having completed the course, he needed only finish the course to earn a team bronze. A score under 39 would earn team silver for Mexico; under 28.50, team gold. Those marks would turn out to be well more than Mariles needed; he had the best run of anyone with only 4 jumping penalties (knocking down the 15th jump) and an over-time penalty of 2.25, for a total of 6.25 penalties and the gold medal.[3][4]

Rank Rider Horse Nation Penalties Notes
Jump Time Total
  Humberto Mariles Arete   Mexico 4 2.25 6.25
2 Rubén Uriza Harvey   Mexico 8 0 8 Silver jump-off
Jean-François d'Orgeix Sucre de Pomme   France 8 0 8 Silver jump-off
Franklin Wing Democrat   United States 8 0 8 Silver jump-off
5 Jaime García Bizarro   Spain 12 0 12
Eric Sörensen Blatunga   Sweden 12 0 12
7 Max Fresson Decametre   France 16 0 16
Harry Llewellyn Foxhunter   Great Britain 16 0 16
Harry Nicoll Kilgeddin   Great Britain 16 0 16
10 José Navarro Morenés Quorum   Spain 20 0 20
Alberto Valdés Chihuahua   Mexico 20 0 20
Francisco Pontes Itaguai   Brazil 20 0 20
13 Greger Lewenhaupt Orkan   Sweden 19 1.75 20.75
14 Dan Corry Tramore Bay   Ireland 20 1.25 21.25
15 Rafael Campos Santa Fe   Argentina 24 0 24
16 Marcelino Gavilán Forajido   Spain 24 0.50 24.50
17 Fred Ahern Aherlow   Ireland 23 2.50 25.50
18 Henrique Callado Xerez   Portugal 23 3 26
19 Arthur Carr Monty   Great Britain 35 0 35
20 Joachim Gruppelaar Random Harvest   Netherlands 36 0 36
21 John Russell Air Mail   United States 25 13.25 38.25
22 João Barrento Alcoa   Portugal 32 10.50 42.50
23 Tauno Rissanen Viser   Finland 56 0 56
Néstor Alvarado Mineral   Argentina Eliminated
Pascual Pistarini Canguro   Argentina Eliminated
Eloy de Menezes Sabu   Brazil Eliminated
Ruben Ribeiro Bon Soir   Brazil Eliminated
Otto Mønsted Acthon Please   Denmark Eliminated
Jeppe Johannes Ladegaard-Mikkelsen Atom   Denmark Eliminated
Torben Tryde Attila   Denmark Eliminated
Veikko Vartiainen Pontus   Finland Eliminated
Pierre de Maupeou d'Ableiges Nankin   France Eliminated
Jan de Bruine Romanichel   Netherlands Eliminated
Jaap Rijks Master   Netherlands Eliminated
Jack Lewis Lough Neagh   Ireland Eliminated
Alessandro, Count Bettoni Cazzago Uranio II   Italy Eliminated
Gerardo Conforti Furori   Italy Eliminated
Piero D'Inzeo Briacone   Italy Eliminated
Hélder Martins Optus   Portugal Eliminated
Karl-Åke Hultberg Ismed   Sweden Eliminated
Selim Çakir Gitchluv   Turkey Eliminated
Kudret Kasar Siyok   Turkey Eliminated
Eyüp Öncü Yildiz   Turkey Eliminated
Hank Frierson Rascal   United States Eliminated
Silver medal jump-off
Rank Rider Horse Nation Penalties Time
  Rubén Uriza Harvey   Mexico 0 49.1
  Jean-François d'Orgeix Sucre de Pomme   France 4 38.9
4 Franklin Wing Democrat   United States 4 40.1


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