Equestrian at the 1912 Summer Olympics

The equestrian program at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, included five medal events. There were individual competitions in dressage, eventing, and show jumping. Team scores were also gathered and medals awarded for teams in the eventing and jumping competitions. Equestrian had been absent from the Olympic program since the 1900 Summer Olympics, making the 1912 Games the second time the sport was featured. Ten nations competed: Belgium, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the USA. Only Sweden and Germany were able to supply a full team for all three disciplines, with several countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Norway and the USA) having several riders and horses used in two or even all three disciplines. A total of 88 entries ran in the three events, with 62 riders and 70 horses.

at the Games of the V Olympiad
1912 Axel Nordlander.JPG
Östermalm Athletic Grounds
Stockholm Olympic Stadium
Dates13–17 July 1912[1]
No. of events5
Competitors62 from 10 nations
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Show jumpingEdit

A total of 40 riders from 8 nations contested the jumping event, which consisted of a 15-obstacle, 29-effort course. It had a maximum height of 1.40 meters and width of 4.00 meters, and had to be completes a speed of 400 m/min. Individual and team competitions ran over the same course but were held separately. A maximum of 6 riders per country was allowed in the individual jumping event.


The dressage competition had 21 riders from 8 countries. It differed from the current format in that it did not include movements such as piaffe and passage but required five jumps up to 1.10 meters in height and a final obstacle: a barrel that had to be jumped while it was rolled towards the horse. Riders could garner bonus points for riding with one hand.


The eventing competition had 7 nations competing with a total of 27 riders. The team event had 3 or 4 riders per nation, who were required to be officers on army mounts. The format differed greatly from what is currently used, being held over 5 days. The first day was a 55 km endurance ride to be completed in 4 hours, which included a 5 km, 12-obstacle cross-country course to be completed in 15 minutes. On the second day the horses were rested before coming out on the third day for a 3500m steeplechase over 10 obstacles, to be completed in 5min and 50 seconds. The fourth day was a jumping test, over a 15-obstacle course with a maximum height of 1.30 metes and 3.00 meters in width. The final day held the dressage test. Each phase could garner up to 10 points.

Medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual dressage
  Carl Bonde
on Emperor (SWE)
  Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern
on Neptun (SWE)
  Hans von Blixen-Finecke
on Maggie (SWE)
Individual eventing
  Axel Nordlander
on Lady Artist (SWE)
  Friedrich von Rochow
on Idealist (GER)
  Jacques Cariou
on Cocotte (FRA)
Team eventing
  Sweden (SWE)
Axel Nordlander
and Lady Artist
Nils Adlercreutz
and Atout
Ernst Casparsson
and Irmelin
Henric Horn af Åminne
and Omen
  Germany (GER)
Friedrich von Rochow
and Idealist
Richard Graf von Schaesberg-Tannheim and Grundsee
Eduard von Lütcken
and Blue Boy
Carl von Moers
and May-Queen
  United States (USA)
Ben Lear
and Poppy
John Montgomery
and Deceive
Guy Henry
and Chiswell
Ephraim Graham
and Connie
Individual jumping
  Jacques Cariou
on Mignon (FRA)
  Rabod von Kröcher
on Dohna (GER)
  Emmanuel de Blommaert
on Clomore (BEL)
Team jumping
  Sweden (SWE)
Gustaf Lewenhaupt
and Medusa
Gustaf Kilman
and Gåtan
Hans von Rosen
and Lord Iron
Fredrik Rosencrantz
and Drabant
  France (FRA)
Pierre Dufour d'Astafort
and Amazone
Jacques Cariou
and Mignon
Ernest Meyer
and Allons-y
Gaston Seigner
and Cocotte
  Germany (GER)
Sigismund Freyer
and Ultimus
Wilhelm Graf von Hohenau
and Pretty Girl
Ernst Deloch
and Hubertus
Prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia
and Gibson Boy

Participating nationsEdit

A total of 62 riders from 10 nations competed at the Stockholm Games:

Medal tableEdit

1  Sweden (SWE)4116
2  France (FRA)1113
3  Germany (GER)0314
4  Belgium (BEL)0011
  United States (USA)0011
Totals (5 entries)55515


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