Epistar Corp. is the largest manufacturer of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in Taiwan.[1] The company was established in 1996, and its headquarters are in Hsinchu,[2] In 2009 it had an annual turnover of NT$10 billion.[1]

Epistar specialises in high-brightness LED products, which are used in general lighting, traffic signals, and various consumer products such as mobile phones and laptop computers.[2] The company supplies the LED backlighting for Samsung liquid crystal displays.[1]

It is the world's largest manufacturer of red and yellow LEDs, and holds over 3000 patents.[1] It has a history of patent disputes with competitor Philips Lumileds over the use of AlInGaP LED technology. However, in September, 2009, Philips Lumileds signed an agreement to license AlInGaP technology to Epistar.[3]

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