Ephippus of Athens

Ephippus of Athens (Greek: Ἔφιππος ὁ Ἀθηναῖος) was an Ancient Greek comic poet of the middle comedy.

We learn this from the testimonies of Suidas[1] and Antiochus of Alexandria,[2] and from the allusions in his fragments to Plato, and the Academic philosophers,[3] and to Alexander of Pherae and his contemporaries, Dionysius the Elder, Cotys, Theodorus, and others.[4]

The following twelve titles of his plays are the known to us: Artemis, Bousiris, Gêruonês ("The Geryons"), Empolê ("Merchandise"), Ephêboi ("Adolescents"), Kirkê ("Circe"), Kudôn, Nauagos ("Shipwrecked"), Obeliaphoroi ê Homoioi, Peltastês, Sapphô, and Philura. An epigram which Eustathius ascribes to Ephippus[5] is not his, but the production of some unknown author.[6] There are some fragments also extant from the unknown plays of Ephippus.[7]


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