Entropy (video game)

Entropy is a space MMORPG video game developed by the Norwegian game studio Artplant.[1] The company is known for creating the MMORPG Battlestar Galactica Online.[2]

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The game is a space flight simulator played from behind the cockpit of a spaceship, with combat similar to Wing Commander and X.[3] The game also has mining, trading, and salvaging systems.[4]


Steam Early AccessEdit

The game was released through Steam Early Access on December 9, 2013, available for purchase with three different packaged offerings (from least to most expensive): Colonist, Explorer, and Founder.[5] Purchasers of the base Colonist package will have their progress in the game wiped after the game leaves Early Access and is fully released.[2] Rock, Paper, Shotgun writer Alec Meer questioned whether wiping the progress of low-paying customers was "a matter of choice rather than technical necessity".[2]


The developer removed the game from Steam on November 30, 2017. The game went offline in March 2018.[6]


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