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Entertainment News

Entertainment News is a flagship television news Entertainment program formatting infortainment which contains interesting news from the world of entertainment at home and abroad based on facts and information that broadcasts on the Indonesian TV station NET. This program also discusses news from the world of music, film, fashion, art, biography and event organizers. And this program has the motto "No Gossip", this is in accordance with the contents of the programs.[1][2]

Entertainment News
Created byGista Putri
Developed byGista Putri
Presented byShafira Umm
Temmy Rahadi
Caesar Gunawan
Aubry Beer
Maria Sabta
Ganindra Bimo
Deva Mahenra
Country of originIndonesia
Original language(s)Indonesian
Production location(s)The East Building, Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Running time60 Minutes (Everyday)
Production company(s)NET. Entertainment
Original networkNET.
First shown in18 May 2013
Original release18 May 2013 –
4 June 2019
Related showsGood Afternoon
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Entertainment News was created on 18 May 2013, by Gista Putri and Wishnutama. To greet all viewers, every articles reading always begins with "Good People" (best people), not "Pemirsa" (viewer) till present. Entertainment News is created with many crews, with other crews including Wishnutama, Roan Y. Anprira, Agus Lasmono Sudwikatmono and Gista Putri.

Entertainment News has won 2 times Indonesian Broadcaster Commissions Awards (Anugerah Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia) on 2015[3] & 2016.[4]


Infortainment programsEdit

  • Entertainment News Pagi (18 May 2013 – 21 December 2014)
  • Entertainment News Siang (18 May 2013 – present)
  • Entertainment News Sore (18 May 2013 – 9 March 2018)
  • Entertainment News Countdown (20 March 2017 – 22 February 2018)
  • Entertainment News Hot Issue (5 March 2017– present)
  • Entertainment News on Screen (20 March 2017 – 9 March 2018)
  • Entertainment News Malam (18 May 2013 – 12 June 2015)
  • Entertainment News Movies (20 June 2015 – present)

Infotainment update programEdit

  • Entertainment news update


  • E Kitchen
  • E Fashion


Achievements and NominationsEdit

Years Awards Nominations Results
2014 Yahoo! Celebrity Awards 2014 Best Infotainment Programs Nominated
2015 Anugerah Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia 2015 Program Infotainmen Terbaik Won
2016 Anugerah Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia 2016 Won

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