Enrique Piñeyro (actor)

Enrique Piñeyro (born 1956 in Genoa, Italy) is an Argentine-Italian ex air line pilot turned film actor, producer, crash analyst, aeronautical physician, film director, and screenplay writer, working partly in Argentina. Piñeyro own Aquafilms, a film production company in Argentina.

Enrique Piñeyro
Enrique Piñeyro.png
Enrique Piñeyro, 2015
Born1956 (age 64–65)
Genoa, Italy
Occupationactor/director/producer/aeronautical physician/crash investigator/screenplay writer.


Piñeyro was born in Genoa, Italy, 1956. He graduated as a doctor and went on to become a pilot for airline service in 1988 in Argentina, where he worked at LAPA, becoming an experienced pilot (ATP certificate, Boeing 737 co-pilot, Saab 340 captain). Two months prior to the infamous LAPA flight 3142 crash, Piñeyro voiced his concerns about LAPA's safety policy. Following the plane crash, Piñeyro became somewhat of a public figure in retelling his experiences working at LAPA, which subsequently went out of service.

Piñeyro, who had already acted in films five times, went on to star a sixth time in his directorial debut, Whisky Romeo Zulu in 2004 – a partially biographical film where he recounted his battle against LAPA's safety policy before the accident. The film was generally well received, and spun a sequel of sorts, Fuerza aérea sociedad anónima, a documentary that criticized the fact that in Argentina the air traffic is controlled by the Air Force. Following the film's release, the national government decided to separate the Argentine Air Force from commercial air traffic, which is now responsibility of the Secretary of Transport. Piñeyro has been dubbed "the Michael Moore of Argentina" due to his public criticism of specific government corruption, and the favorable results attained from his filmmaking. He has recently written and performed in a play called "Volar es Humano, Aterrizar es divino" in which he performs, together with two more actors, aeronautical sequences combined with acid - smart stand up comedy. The show has seen 10 seasons of success at prestigious Teatro Maipo in Buenos Aires Argentina. This show will also run at Teatros del Canal, Spain in October 2018.

He is also co- founder of "Innocence Project Argentina"

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Theatre "Volar es Humano- Aterrizar es divino" 2014 to 2018

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