Enrico Alvino

Enrico Alvino (1809–1872) was an Italian architect and urban designer, particularly active in Naples in the mid-19th century. He was born in Milan, and died in Rome.


Among his important works in Naples are:

  • façade of the church of Santa Maria di Piedigrotta (1853);
  • laid out (with others) the street, Corso Maria Teresa, today named Corso Vittorio Emanuele (between 1852 and 1860), finished in 1870;
  • planned the restoration of the façade of the Cathedral of Naples, completed in 1870;
  • redesigned the Santa Lucia quarter in 1862;
  • redesigned (with others) the Villa Comunale;
  • converted the ancient convent of San Giovanni a Costantinopoli into the Royal Academy of Fine Arts;