Enja Records

Enja Records is a German jazz record company and label based in Munich which was founded by jazz enthusiasts Matthias Winckelmann and Horst Weber in 1971.[1][2]

Enja Records
Enja Records logo
Founded1971 (1971)
FounderMatthias Winckelmann, Horst Weber
Distributor(s)Enja Records
Country of originGermany
Official websitewww.enjarecords.com/wordpress/

The label's first release was by Mal Waldron, and early releases included European and Japanese avant-garde artists such as Alexander von Schlippenbach, Terumasa Hino, Albert Mangelsdorff and Yosuke Yamashita, along with newer American jazz musicians like Archie Shepp, Cecil Taylor, Leroy Jenkins and Eric Dolphy and straight-ahead musicians such as Tommy Flanagan, McCoy Tyner, Chet Baker, Freddie Hubbard, Elvin Jones, and Kenny Barron.[3] The label also branched out to release early world music productions from Abdullah Ibrahim, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Mahmoud Turkmani, Gypsy bands, Indonesia's Monica Akihary, and Turkish saz virtuoso Taner Akyol.[3]



Main seriesEdit

Catalog Artist Album
2004 Mal Waldron Black Glory
2006 Albert Mangelsdorff Live in Tokyo
2008 Masahiko Satoh Trinity
2010 Terumasa Hino Vibrations
2012 Alexander von Schlippenbach Payan
2016 Charles Tolliver Impact
2018 Peter Warren Bass Is
2020 Dusko Goykovich After Hours
2022 Karl Berger With Silence
2026 Dollar Brand African Sketchbook
2028 Terumasa Hino Taro's Mood
2030 Various Artists Live at the Festival
2032 Dollar Brand African Space Program
2034 Mal Waldron Up Popped the Devil
2036 Elvin Jones Live at the Village Vanguard
2038 Ben Webster Live at Pio's
2040 Tete Montoliu Songs for Love
2042 Makaya Ntshoko Makaya & the Tsotsis
2044 Walter Norris Drifting
2046 Bobby Jones Hill Country Suite
2048 Dollar Brand Good News from Africa
2050 Mal Waldron Hard Talk
2052 Yosuke Yamashita Clay
2054 Booker Ervin Lament for Booker Ervin
2056 Frank Tusa Father Time
2058 Marc Levin Social Sketches
2060 Pepper Adams Julian
2062 Mal Waldron A Touch of the Blues
2064 Albert Mangelsdorff Spontaneous
2066 Manfred Schoof Distant Thunder
2068 David Friedman Futures Passed
2070 Dollar Brand The Children of Africa
2072 Bob Degen Sequoia Song
2074 Pepper Adams Twelfth & Pingree
2076 Archie Shepp Steam
2078 Attila Zoller Dream Bells
2080 Yosuke Yamashita Banslikana
2082 Benny Bailey Islands
2084 Cecil Taylor Dark to Themselves
2086 Randy Weston Nuit Africaine
2088 Tommy Flanagan Eclypso
2090 Hal Galper Now Hear This
2092 Mal Waldron with Steve Lacy One-Upmanship
2094 New York Jazz Quartet Surge
2096 David Friedman Double Image
2098 Jeremy Steig and Eddie Gómez Outlaws
3001 Yosuke Yamashita Inner Space
3003 Revolutionary Ensemble Revolutionary Ensemble
3005 Cecil Taylor Air Above Mountains
3007/09 Eric Dolphy Berlin Concerts
3011 Hannibal Marvin Peterson Hannibal in Antibes
3013 John Scofield John Scofield Live
3015 Bob Degen Chartreuse
3017 Franco Ambrosetti Quintet with Bennie Wallace Close Encounter
3019 Cecil McBee Music from the Source
3021/23 Mal Waldron Moods
3025 New York Jazz Quartet Blues for Sarka
3027 Bob Degen Children of the Night
3029 Bennie Wallace The Fourteen Bar Blues
3031 Tommy Flanagan Ballads & Blues
3033 John Scofield Rough House
3035 Walter Norris and Aladár Pege Synchronicity
3037 Joe Henderson Barcelona
3039 Dollar Brand Quartet Africa: Tears and Laughter
3041 Cecil McBee Compassion
3043 Attila Zoller Common Cause
3045 Bennie Wallace Live at the Public Theater
3047 Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) and Johnny Dyani Echoes from Africa
3049 Charles Mingus Mingus in Europe Volume I
3051 Attila Zoller Conjunction
3053 Hal Galper Ivory Forest
3055 Eric Dolphy Stockholm Sessions
3057 Yosuke Yamashita A Tribute to Mal Waldron
3059 Tommy Flanagan Super-Session
3061 Ken Werner Beyond the Forest of Mirkwood
3063 Bennie Wallace The Free Will
3065 David Liebman The Opal Heart
3067 Walter Norris Winter Rose
3069 Gil Evans Blues in Orbit
3071 Mike Nock Talisman
3073 Prince Lasha Inside Story
3075 Mal Waldron Mingus Lives
3077 Charles Mingus Mingus in Europe Volume II
3079 Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) Live at Montreux
3081 Phil Woods, Tommy Flanagan and Red Mitchell Three for All
3083 New York Jazz Quartet Oasis
3085 Hannibal Marvin Peterson The Angels of Atlanta
3087 Franco Ambrosetti Heartbop
3089 David Friedman Of the Wind's Eye
3091 Bennie Wallace Bennie Wallace Plays Monk
3093 Gene Ammons Gene Ammons in Sweden
3095 Freddie Hubbard Outpost
3097 Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Jaw's Blues
3099 Hampton Hawes Live at the Jazz Showcase, Chicago Vol.1
4002 Akira Sakata Dance
4004 John Scofield Shinola
4006 Hal Galper Quintet Speak with a Single Voice
4008 Prince Lasha Search for Tomorrow
4010 Mal Waldron What It Is
4012 Aki Takase Trio Song for Hope
4014 Tommy Flanagan Confirmation
4016 Chet Baker Peace
4018 Woody Shaw Lotus Flower
4020 Pat Peterson Introducing Pat Peterson
4022 Tommy Flanagan Giant Steps
4024 Slickaphonics Wow Bag
4026 Michael Gregory Jackson Cowboys, Cartoons & Candy
4028 Bennie Wallace Trio and Chick Corea Mystic Bridge
4030 Abdulla Ibrahim (Dollar Brand} African Dawn
4032 Jon Hendricks Cloudburst
4034 Aki Takase Perdido
4036 Vyacheslav Ganelin Non Troppo
4038 John Scofield Out Like a Light
4040 Jerry González & The Fort Apache Band The River Is Deep
4042 Tete Montoliu Body & Soul
4044 Jane Ira Bloom Mighty Lights
4046 Bennie Wallace Big Jim's Tango
4048 Dusko Goykovich Swinging Macedonia
4050 Archie Shepp Soul Song
4052 Tommy Flanagan Thelonica
4054 Subroto Roy Chodhury Calcutta Meditation
4056 Abdulla Ibrahim (Dollar Brand} Zimbabwe
4058 Red Mitchell When I'm Singing
4060 Abbey Lincoln Talking to the Sun
4062 Slickaphonics Modern Life
4064 The Voodoo Gang Return of the Turtle
4066 Luther Kent & The Trick Bag It's in the Bag
4068 Franco Ambrosetti Wings
4070 The Heartland Consort The Heartland Consort
4072 Conexión Latina Calorcito
4074 Max Roach Long as You're Living
4076 Horace Parlan Pannonica
4078 Bennie Wallace Sweeping Through the City
4080 Takeo Moriyama Green River
4082 Bobby Watson Advance
4084 George Adams, Hannibal & Friends More Sightings
4086 Mark Helias Split Image
4088 Art Farmer In Concert
4090 Charlie Rouse and Benny Bailey The Upper Manhattan Jazz Society
4092 Kenny Barron Scratch
4094 Enrico Pieranunzi Autumn Song
4096 Franco Ambrosetti Tentets
4098 Ray Anderson Old Bottles - New Wine
5001 Blue Box Sweet Machine
5003/4 Yosuke Yamashita and Hōzan Yamamoto Bolero
5005 Chet Baker Strollin'
5007 Abdulla Ibrahim South Africa
5009 Uli Lenz Midnight Candy
5011 Clark Terry and Red Mitchell The Duke and Basie
5013 Kenny Barron What If?
5015 John Stubblefield Bushman Song
5017 David Friedman Shades of Change
5019 Herb Geller Birdland Stomp
5021 Mal Waldron Mal Waldron Plays the Blues
5023 Conexión Latina Un Poco Loco
5025 Blue Box Stambul Boogie
5027 Attila Zoller Memories of Pannonia
5029 Hal Galper Dreamsville
5031 Nana Simopoulos Wings and Air
5033 Marty Cook Nightworks
5035 Franco Ambrosetti and Friends Movies
5037 Ray Anderson It Just So Happens
5039 Michele Rosewoman Quintessence
5041 Mark Helias The Current Set
5043 Jim Pepper Dakota Song
5045 Eric Dolphy Vintage Dolphy
5047 Gary Thomas Seventh Quadrant
5049 Joint Venture Joint Venture
5051 John Stubblefield Countin' the Blues
5053 Attila Zoller Overcome
5055 Daniel Schnyder Secret Cosmos
5057 Reflexionen Remember to Remember
5059 Albert Mangelsdorff and Lee Konitz Art of the Duo
5061 Gust William Tsilis and Arthur Blythe Pale Fire
5063 Nels Cline Angelica
5065 Marty Ehrlich Pliant Plaint
5067 Marty Cook Red White Black and Blue
5069 Gunther Klatt & Elephantrombones Live at Leverkusen
5071 Kenny Barron Live at Fat Tuesdays
5073 Abdullah Ibrahim Mindif
5075 Maria João and Aki Takase Looking for Love
5077 Barbara Dennerlein Straight Ahead
5079 Franco Ambrosetti Movies Too
5081 Ray Anderson Blues Bred in the Bone
5083 Heinz Sauer Cherry Bat
5085 Gary Thomas Code Violations
5087 Jim Pepper The Path
5089 Stanton Davis Manhattan Melody
5091 Michele Rosewoman and Quintessesnce Contrast High
5093 Leni Stern Secrets
5095 Jerry González & Fort Apache Band Obalata
5097 Chet Baker My Favourite Songs
5099 Mitch Watkins Underneath It All
6002 Daniel Schnyder The City
6004 George Gruntz Concert Band First Prize
6006 Herb Geller A Jazz Song Book
6008 Uli Lenz Live at Sweet Basil
6010 Nana Simopoulos Still Waters
6012 Abbey Lincoln Abbey Sings Billie
6014 Klaus König Orchestra Times of Devastation/Poco a Poco
6016 Mark Helias Desert Blue
6018 Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya African River
6020 Chet Baker Straight from the Heart
6022 Sathima Bea Benjamin Love Light
6024 Marty Ehrlich The Traveller's Tale
6026 Leszek Żądło Breath
6028 Hampton Hawes Live at the Showcase, Chicago Vol. 2
6030 Mordy Ferber All the Way to Sendai
6032 Michael Formanek Wide Open Space
6034 Leni Stern Phoenix
6036 Daniel Schnyder European Suite
6038 George Gruntz Trio Serious Fun
6040 John D'earth One Bright Glance
6042 Clark Terry and Red Mitchell Jive at Five
6044 Dizzy Gillespie Live at the Royal Festival Hall
6046 Peter O'Mara Avenue "U"
6048 Wayne Krantz Signals
6050 Barbara Dennerlein Hot Stuff
6052 Joint Venture Ways
6054 Mitch Watkins Curves
6056 Association Urbanique Don't Look Back
6058 Tony Reedus Incognito
6062 Aki Takase Shima Shoka
6064 Michael Marcus Under the Wire
6066 Bud Revels Survivors
6068 Eddie Harris There Was a Time: Echo of Harlem
6070 Franco Ambrosetti Music for Symphony and Jazz Band
6072 The George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band Blues 'n Dues Et Cetera
6074 Chet Baker The Last Great Concert
6076 Itchy Fingers Live
6078 Klaus König Orchestra At the End of the Universe
6080 McCoy Tyner Remembering John
6082 Bobby Previte Weather Clear, Track Fast
6084 Kenny Barron Quintet Quickstep
6086 Oliver Jones Northern Summit
6088 Arthur Blythe Hipmotism
6090 Rabih Abou-Khalil Al-Jadida
6092 Marty Ehrlich Side by Side
6094 Gust William Tsilis Sequestered Days
6096 Maria João, Aki Takase and Niels Pedersen Alice
6098 Nels Cline Trio Silencer
7000 Various Artists 20th Anniversary!
7001 Maria João & Grupo Cal Viva Sol
7003 Daniel Schnyder Mythology
7005 Ivo Perelman The Children of Ibeji
7007 Archie Shepp and Richard Davis Body and Soul
7009 Elvin Jones In Europe
7011 Abdullah Ibrahim Desert Flowers
7013 Joe Lovano Sounds of Joy
7015 Sathima Bea Benjamin Southern Touch
7017 Art Taylor Mr. A.T.
7019 Mark Helias Attack the Future
7021/22 Max Roach To the Max!
7023 Philip Catherine and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Spanish Nights
7025 Freddie Hubbard Topsy – Standard Book
7027 Nat Adderley Quintet featuring Vincent Herring The Old Country
7029 Karl Berger, Dave Holland, Ed Blackwell Crystal Fire
7031 Pierre Dørge's New Jungle Orchestra featuring David Murray The Jazzpar Prize
7033 John Tchicai and Vitold Rek Satisfaction
7035 Peter Schärli Quintet with Glenn Ferris Tomorrow
7037 Abbey Lincoln Abbey Sings Billie Volume 2
7039 Aki Takase and David Murray Blue Monk
7041 Michael Formanek Extended Animation
7043 Barbara Dennerlein That's Me
7045 Willie Williams Spirit Willie
7047 Art Farmer Soul Eyes
7049 Joint Venture Mirrors
7051 Elvin Jones Youngblood
7053 Rabih Abou-Khalil Blue Camel
7055 Conexión Latina Mambo 2000: Live
7057 Klaus König The Song of Songs
7059 Oliver Jones A Class Act
7061 Chris Connor As Time Goes By
7063 Simon Nabatov Trio Tough Customer
7065 Franco Ambrosetti Live at the Blue Note
7067 Roy Brooks Duet in Detroit
7069 Michele Rosewoman Harvest
7071 Sun Ra and His Omniverse Arkestra Destination Unknown
7073 Dewey Redman Choices
7075 Aki Takase Close Up of Japan
7077 Peter O'Mara Stairway
7079 Eddie Harris Funk Project Listen Here!
7081 Elvin Jones and Takehisa Tanaka When I Was at Aso-Mountain
7083 Rabih Abou-Khalil Tarab
7085 Itchy Fingers Full English Breakfast
7087 Mike Westbrook Orchestra The Cortège
7089 Ed Blackwell Project What It Is!
7091 Bennie Wallace The Talk of the Town
7093 Gust William Tsilis Wood Music
7095 Elvin Jones Going Home
7097 Kevin Mahogany Double Rainbow
7099 Wayne Krantz Long to Be Loose
8000 Various Artists Trumpets in Modern Jazz
8002 Hermann Breuer and Carolyn Breuer Family Affair
8004 Eddie Allen Another's Point of View
8006 Dan Rose Conversations
8008 Various Artists Art of the Duo
8010 Bruce Barth Quintet In Focus
8012 Abdu Dagir Malik At-Taqasim
8014 Sachi Hayasaka & Stir Up! 2.26
8016 Neils Pederson and Philip Catherine Art of the Duo
8018 Albert Sarko Blues and Views
8020 Ronald Muldrow Yesterdays
8022 Adrian Mears & Johannes Enders Quintet Discoveries
8024 Ingrid Sertso Dance with It
8026 Porter-Praskin Quartet with Sal Nistico Sonnet for Sal
8028 Hornstein Trio Langsames Blau
8030 Motohiko Hino It's There
8032 Akio Sasajim Humpty Dumpty
8034 The Enja Band Live at Sweet Basil
8036 John Stubblefield Morning Song
8038 Greetje Bijma Barefoot
8040 Tommy Flanagan Let's Play the Music of Thad Jones
8042 Diana Krall Stepping Out
8044 Dusko Goykovich Soul Connection
8045 Dusko Goykovich Soul Connection Vol. II
8046 Arthur Blythe Retroflection
8048 Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra Evanesecence
8050 Michael Formanek Low Profile
8052 Marty Ehrlich Can I Hear a Motion
8054 Ed Blackwell Project What It Be Like?
8056 Terumasa Hino, Masahiko Togashi and Masabumi Kikuchi Triple Helix
8058 Hal Galper Just Us
8060 Willie Williams WW3
8062 Oliver Jones Just 88
8064 Bobby Previte's Weather Clear, Track Fast Hue and Cry
8066 Elvin Jones It Don't Mean a Thing
8068 Daniel Schnyder Nucleus
8070 Ray Anderson Alligatory Band Don't Mow Your Lawn
8072 Kevin Mahogany Songs and Moments
8074 Abraham Burton Closest to the Sun
8076 Klaus König Orchestra Time Fragments
8078 Rabih Abou-Khalil The Sultan's Picnic
8080 Junior Mance Softly as in a Morning Sunrise
8082 Cornelius Claudio Kreusch The Vision
8084 Bruce Barth Morning Call
8086 Ronald Muldrow Diaspora
8088 Glenn Ferris, Vincent Seagal and Bruno Rousselet Flesh and Stone
8090 Aki Takase Trio Clapping Music
8092 Larry Porter March Blues
8094 Sunny Murray Trio 13 Steps on Glass
8096 Michael Bocian Quartet Reverence
8098 Amiri Baraka Real Song
9000 Various Artists The Music Universe
9001 Rudy Linka Čzech It Out!
9003 Michael Riessler Momentum Mobile
9005 Allen Lowe and Roswell Rudd Woyzeck's Death
9007 Jerry Hahn Time Changes
9009 Coleman Hawkins Supreme
9011 Double Trio Green Dolphy Suite
9013 Ingrid Jensen Vernal Fields
9015 Dusko Goykovich Bebop City
9017 Ferenc Snétnberger Signature
9019 The Cuban All-Stars Pasaporte
9021 Chet Baker & the NDR Big Band The Legacy Vol. 1
9023 Marc Cary Cary On!
9025 Marty Ehrlich New York Child
9027 Flavio Ambrosetti Anniversary
9029 Hal Galper Rebop
9031 Attila Zoller When It's Time
9033 Eddie Allen R 'n' B
9035 Fred Hersch Point in Time
9037 Abraham Burton The Magician
9039 Kevin Mahogany You Got What It Takes
9041 Mel Martiny Mel Martin Plays Benny Carter
9043 Wayne Krantz 2 Drink Minimum
9045 Matthias Schubert Blue and Grey Suite
9047 Dusko Goykovich The Balkan Connection
9049 Mark Helias Loopin' the Cool
9051 Arthur Blythe Calling the Card
9053 Gail Thompson Jazz Africa
9055 Ray Anderson Alligatory Band Heads and Tales
9057 Renaud Garcia-Fons Alborea
9059 Rabih Abou-Khalil Arabian Waltz
9061 Klaus König Reviews
9063 Jasper Van't Hoff, Greetje Bijma and Pierre Favre Freezing Screens
9065 Conexión Latina La Conexion
9067 Jonny King Notes from the Underground
9069 Maria Schneider Orchestra Coming About
9071 Michel Godard, Miroslav Tadić and Mark Nauseef Loose Wires
9073 Carlos Martins Quarteto featuring Cindy Blackman Passagem
9075 Bobby Watson Advance
9077 Chet Baker I Remember You: The Legacy Vol. 2
9079 Pepper Adams Pepper
9081 Eddie Harris Dancing by a Rainbow
9083 Roman Bunka Color Me Cairo
9085 Junior Mance Junior Mance at Town Hall Vol. I
9087 Cornelius Claudio Kreusch Quartet Black Mud Sound
9089 Glenn Ferris Face Lift
9091 Odean Pope Trio Ninety-Six
9093 Babamadu Babamadu
9099 Michael Hornstein Innocent Green
9101 Aki Takase Septet Oriental Express
9102 Aldo Romano Canzoni
9103 Peter Schärli Blues for the Beast
9104 Alexander von Schlippenbach Light Blue: Schlippenbach Plays Monk
9105 Johannes Enders Home Ground
9106 Scales Brothers Our House
9107 Marty Cook Theory of Strange
9108 Glenn Ferris Trio Refugees
9109 Aki Takase and Rudi Mahall Duet for Eric Dolphy
9111 Laurent Coq Jaywalker
9112 Voodoo Gang Return of the Turtle
9113 Art Farmer In Europe
9114 Junior Mance Nadja
9115 Pepper Adams Julian
9116 Dan Rose The Water's Rising
9117 Misery Loves Company Athens Meets New York
9118 Michael Bocian Premonition: Solo Debut for Nylon String Guitar
9120 Jürgen Seefelder Straight Horn
9122 Le Petit Chien Woof
9124 Adrian Mears All for One
9125 Monk'O Marok Din Din Dan
9126 Peter O'Mara Back Seat Driver
9127 Bennie Wallace, Eddie Gómez and Dannie Richmond Live at the Public Theater
9128 Charlie Mariano and Quique Sinesi Tango Para Charlie
9129 Peter Schärli Special Septet Guilty
9130 Aki Takase St. Louis Blues
9131 Prince Lasha Inside Story
9132 Glenn Ferris Trio Chrominance
9133 Dave Bargeron and Michel Godard Tuba Tuba
9134 Abbey Lincoln Abbey Sings Billie Vol. I + II
9135 Christoph Stiefel Trio Dream of the Camel
9136 Zollsound Chamber Orchestra Songs Closer to Silence
9137 Adel Salameh and Naziha Azzouz Kanza
9138 Monk'O Marok Au Plafond!
9139 Akira Sakata and Harpacticoida La Mer
9140 Susi Hyldgaard Home Sweet Home
9141 Archie Shepp and Mal Waldron Left Alone Revisited
9142 Azhar Kamal Me Rio
9143 Underkarl Second Brain
9144 Karin Krog Where You At?
9145 Pablo Ziegler and Quique Sinesi Bajo Cero
9147 Mal Waldron Up Popped the Devil
9148 Michel Godard and Dave Bargeron Tuba Tuba Tu
9149 Nils Wogram's Root 70 Getting Rooted
9150 Monk'O Marok Exotics & Specials
9151 Underkarl Freemix
9152 Aki Takase Aki Takase Plays Fats Waller
9153 Adel Salameh Hafla
9154 Pat Peterson Do It Now
9155 Borda / Bunka / Hecker Orientación
9156 Dalia Faitelson Movable Clouds
9157 Michy Mano The Cool Side Of The Pillow
9158 Silvana Deluigi Yo!
9162 Aki Takase and The Good Boys Procreation
9164 Aldo Romano Jazzpat Quintet + 1 The Jazzpar Prize
9165 Susi Hyldgaard Blush
9166 Nils Wogram Septet Swing Moral
9176 Billy Hart Trio Route F
9183 Klima Kalima Chasing Yellow
9184 Sebastian Gramss Underkarl Goldberg
9188 Aki Takase Something Sweet, Something Tender
9191 Louisa Bey Turning Me Jazz
9195 Various Artists El Último Aplauso: Life Is a Tango (Soundtrack)
9196 Isabelle Olivier My Foolish Harp
9197 Glen Ferris, Bruno Rousselet and Ernie Odoom Ferris Wheel
9198 Klima Kalima Loru
9199 Lisa Wahlandt Stay a While
9300 Various Artists The Enja World of Jazz Ballads
9301 Rudy Linka Always Double Czech!
9302 Daniel Schnyder Tarantula
9303 Michael Riessler Sur Prise
9304 Lee Konitz Strings for Holiday
9305 Various Artists Ballads
9306 Bobby Previte Too Close to the Pole
9307 Nils Wogram Round Trip
9308 Michael Formanek Quartet Nature of the Beast
9309 Sathima Bea Benjamin A Morning in Paris
9310 Dan Wall Off the Wall
9311 Victor Lewis Eeeyyess
9312 James Emery Standing on a Whale Fishing for Minnows
9313 Ingrid Jensen Here on Earth
9314 Renaud Garcia-Fons Legends
9315 Karl Ratzer Saturn Returning
9316 Kevin Mahogany Pussy Cat Dues
9317 Jenny Evans Shiny Stockings
9318 David Murray Fo Deuk Revue
9320 Dusko Goykovich Balkan Blue
9321 Benny Waters Birdland Birthday Live at 95
9322 Bassdrumbone Hence the Reason
9323 Sylvie Courvoisier Ocre
9324 Bobby Previte Dangerous Rip
9326 Banda Città Ruvo di Puglia La Banda
9327 Robert Dick and the Soldier String Quartet Jazz Standards on Mars
9328 Tyler Mitchell Tribute to Art
9329 Jonny King The Meltdown
9330 Rabih Abou-Khalil Odd Times
9331 Franco Ambrosetti Light Breeze
9332 Bob Degen Catability
9333 Mike Westbrook Orchestra Bar Utopia
9334 Renaud Garcia-Fons Oriental Bass
9335 Melissa Walker May I Feel
9336 Eddie Harris and Wendell Harrison The Battle of the Tenors
9338 Klaus König The H.e.a.r.t. Project
9339 Gail Thompson Jadu
9340 Ray Anderson Lapis Lazuli Band Funkorific
9341 Marty Ehrlich, Peter Erskine and Michael Formanek Relativity
9343 Marc Ducret and Bobby Previte In the Grass
9344 James Emery Spectral Domains
9345 Antonio Faraò Black Inside
9346 Nils Wogram Speed Life
9347 Stephen Scott Vision Quest
9348 Bobby Previte My Man in Sydney
9350 Various Artists Ballads in Blue
9351 Lee Konitz, Steve Swallow and Paul Motian Three Guys
9352 Johannes Enders Bright Nights
9353 Ingrid Jensen Higher Grounds
9354 David Azarian Hope
9355 David Murray Creole Project
9356 Bennie Wallace Someone to Watch Over Me
9357 Karl Ratzer Moon Dancer
9358 Mike Westbrook The Orchestra of Smith's Academy
9359 Louis Sclavis Bernard Struber Jazztet Le Phare
9360 Rabih Abou-Khalil Yara
9361 ADD Trio Sic Bisquitus Disintegrat
9362 Michel Godard Castel del Monte
9363 Jenny Evans Girl Talk
9364 Renaud Garcia-Fons and Jean-Louis Matinier Fuera
9365 Melissa Walker Moment of Truth
9366 Ray Anderson Pocket Brass Band Where Home Is
9367 Dhafer Youssef Malak
9368 Andreas Willers Octet The Ground Music
9369 Daniel Schnyder Words Within Music
9370 David Murray Speaking in Tongues
9371 Rabih Abou-Khalil Between Dusk and Dawn
9372 Rabih Abou-Khalil Bukra
9373 Rabih Abou-Khalil Roots and Sprouts
9374 Albert Mangelsdorff & Movin' On Shake, Shuffle & Blow
9376 Mike Westbrook Glad Days Settings of William Blake
9377 Abraham Burton Eric McPherson Quartet Cause and Effect
9378 Michele Rosewoman and Quintessesnce Guardians of the Light
9379 Franco Ambrosetti Grazie Italia
9380 Vincent Courtois Translucide
9381 Lázaro Ros and Conjunto Sol Naciente Ori Batá
9382 Satoko Fujii Toward, "To West"
9383 Sylvie Couviosier and Ocre Y2K
9384 Gianluigi Trovesi Round About a Midsummer's Dream
9385 Mark Feldman Book of Tells
9386 Carlos Bica and Azul Twist
9387 Ferenc Snétberger For My People
9388 Eddie Allen Quintet Summer Days
9389 Dave Liebman Time Immemorial
9390 Johannes Enders Quiet Fire
9391 Klaus König Songs & Solos
9392 Josh Roseman Cherry
9393 Maria Schneider Orchestra Allégresse
9394 Absolute Ensemble and Kristjan Järvi Absolution
9395 Paquito D'Rivera Habanera
9396 Marty Ehrlich Song
9397 Fabien Tehericsen Le Concerto Improvise
9398 Antoine Hervé Invention Is You
9399 Antonio Farao Thorn
9400 Various Artists The More We Know
9401 Rabih Abou-Khalil The Cactus of Knowledge
9402 Conexión Latina Mambo Nights
9403 Jenny Evans Gonna Go Fishin'
9404 Antonio Hart Ama Tu Sonrisa
9405 Italian Instabile Orchestra Litania Sibilante
9406 David Murray Octet Plays Trane
9407 Benny Bailey The Satchmo Legacy
9408 Dusko Goykovich In My Dreams
9409 Melissa Walker I Saw the Sky
9410 Abdullah Ibrahim African Symphony
9411 Vincent Courtois The Fitting Room
9412 Dhafer Youssef Electric Sufi
9413 Mark Helias' Open Loose New School
9414 Carlo Bica and Ana Brandao Diz
9416 Nils Wogram Odd and Awkward
9417 Ensemble Indigo Reflection
9418 Renaud Garcia-Fons Navigatore
9419 Gianluigi Trovesi Dedalo
9420 New Art Saxophone Quartet Songs and Dances
9421 Joe Gallardo's Latino Blue A Latin Shade of Blue
9422 David Klein Quintet My Marilyn
9423 Charlie Mariano Deep in a Dream
9424 Trio Ivoire Trio Ivoire
9425 Bennie Wallace In Berlin
9427 Dusko Goykovich Portrait
9428 Klaus König Black Moments
9429 Franco Ambrosetti European Legacy
9430 Antonio Farao Next Stories
9431 Michel Godard Castel del Monte II
9432 Ferenc Snétberger Balance
9433 Enders Room Monolith
9434 Stefanie Schlesinger What Love Is
9435 The Styrenes, Terry Riley In C
9436 Troubadours United Road of the Troubadours
9437 Josh Roseman Unit Treats for the Nightwalker
9438 Joanna MacGregor Play
9440 Rabih Abou-Khalil Il Sospiro
9441 Gabriele Mirabassi Latakia Blend
9442 Ekrem & Gypsy Groovz Rivers of Happiness
9444 Maria Schneider Orchestra Days of Wine and Roses: Live at the Jazz Standard
9447 Mahmoud Turkmani Fayka
9448 Karl Ratzer and The Night Club Band All the Way
9449 Kristjan Järvi Absolute Fix
9450 Various Artists Ballads 3
9451 Myriam Alter If
9452 Marty Ehrlich The Long View
9453 Chet Baker Oh You Crazy Moon
9454 Jean-Louis Matinier Confluences
9456 Mike Westbrook Chanson Irresponsible
9457 Satoko Fujii Orchestra The Future of the Past
9458 Carlo Bica & Azul Look What They've Done to My Song
9459 Sandra Weckert Bar Jazz
9460 Daniel Schnyder Colossus of Sound
9461 Daniel Grossman and Jochen Striebeck Through Roses
9462 Rabih Abou-Khalil Morton's Foot
9463 Luciano Biondini and Javier Girotto Terra Madre
9464 Renaud Garcia-Fons Entrmundo
9465 Cecil Taylor and the Italian Instabile Orchestra The Owner of the River Bank
9466 Gutbucket Dry Humping the American Dream
9467 Jenny Evans Nuages
9468 Markus Stockhausen, Ferenc Snétberger, Arild Andersen and Patrice Heral Joyosa
9469 Bennie Wallace The Nearness of You
9470 Stefanie Schlesinger Angel Eyes
9471 Rosanna & Zelia Aguas=Iguais
9472 Boi Akih Uwai
9473 Dusko Goykovich Samba do Mar
9474 Matt Darriau Paradox Trio with Theodosii Spassov Gambit
9475 Mahmoud Turkmani Zakira
9476 Abdullah Ibrahim A Celebration
9479 Rabih Abou-Khalil Journey to the Centre of an Egg
9480 Pino Minafra Terronia
9481 Jenny Evans Christmas Songs
9482 Dusko Goykovich A Handful o' Soul
9485 Ferenc Snétberger Trio Nomad
9486 Franco Ambrosetti Liquid Gardens
9487 Boi Akih Yalelol
9488 Trio Elf Elf
9489 Dusko Goykovich Samba Tzigane
9492 Florian Weber Minsarah
9493 Carlos Bica & Azul Believer
9494 Rabih Abou-Khalil Songs for Sad Women
9499 Roberto Fonseca Zamazu
9500 Various Artists Ballads 4 the World
9501 Alvin Queen I Ain't Looking at You
9502 Celine Rudolph Brazaventure
9503 Elisabeth Kontomanou Waitin' for Spring
9504 Various Artists Al Tarab: Muscat ʿŪd Festival
9505 Various Artists Ballads: Take Five
9506 Bennie Wallace Disorder at the Border
9507 Charlie Mariano with Cholet Känzig Papaux Trio Silver Blue
9508 Various Artists Al Tarab: Muscat ʿŪd Festival
9509 Luciano Biondini Prima del Cuore
9510 Taner Akyol Birds of Passage
9511 Ferenc Snétberger and Markus Stockhausen Streams
9512 Olaf Kübler & Jan Hammer Trio Turtles
9513 Myriam Alter Where Is There
9515 Benjamin Schaefer Trio Roots and Wings
9516 Jobic Le Masson Trio Hill
9517 Lee Konitz and Minsarah Deep Lee
9518 Afonso Pais Trio featuring Edu Lobo Subsequências
9520 Rabih Abou-Khalil Em Português
9521 Livio Minafra La Fiamma e il Cristallo
9522 Alvin Queen Mighty Long Way
9523 Alony Dismantling Dreams
9524 Chet Baker Chet in Chicago
9525 Rabih Abou-Khalil Selection
9526 Jenny Evans Lunar Tunes
9527 Renaud Garcia-Fons La Linea del Sur
9528 Anke Helferich Stormproof
9530 Mahmound Turkmani Ya Sharr Mout
9532 Charlie Mariano, Philip Catherine and Jasper Van't Hof The Great Concert
9533 Angelika Niescier Sublim III
9534 Roberto Fonseca Akokan
9535 Celine Rudolph Metamorflores
9536 Michael Riessler, Howard Levy and Jean-Louis Matinier Silver & Black
9537 Pascal Schumacher Quartet Here We Gong
9538 Trio Ivoire with Chicwoniso Across the Oceans
9540 Lucien Dubuis Trio and Marc Ribot Ultime Cosmos
9542 Lee Konitz New Quartet Live at the Village Vanguard
9543 Dusko Goykovich 5ive Horns & Rhythm
9545 Minsarah Blurring the Lines
9546 Pascal Schumacher and Jef Neve Face to Face
9548 Manhattan Brass New York Now
9550 Various Artists Nu Ballads
9551 Dejan Terzić Underground Diaspora
9552 Peter Materna Trio The Dancer
9555 Joseph Tawadros The Hour of Separation
9556 Benjamin Schaefer Beneath the Surface
9558 The Rosenberg Trio with Biréli Lagrène Djangologists
9559 Florin Niculescu Django Tunes
9560 Rabih Abou-Khalil Trouble in Jerusalem
9562 Trio Elf Elfland
9563 Renaud Garcia-Fons Méditerranées
9565 Roberto Fonseca Live in Marciac
9566 Ring Ensemble Ring Ensemble
9567 Bob Degen Jake Remembered
9568 Nels Cline Trio Silencer
9569 Doumka Clarinet Ensemble Afar
9570 Subtone Morningside
9571 Absolute Ensemble and Kristjan Järvi Arabian Nights: Live at Town Hall NYC
9573 Malcolm Braff Trio Inside
9574 Angelika Niescier, Thomas Morgan and Tyshawn Sorey Quite Simply
9575 Rez Abbasi's Invocation Suno Suno
9576 Franco Ambrosetti Cycladic Moods
9577 Nels Cline Angelica
9578 Livio Minafra 4et Surprise!!!
9581 Renaud Garcia-Fons Solo: The Marcevol Concert
9582 Albare Itd Long Way
9583 Toufic Farroukh Cinéma Beyrouth
9584 Waldemar Bastos Classics of My Soul
9585 Monika Roscher Bigband Failure in Wonderland
9586 Florian Weber Biosphere
9587 Mike Westbrook Orchestra The Cortège
9589 Reut Regev's R*Time Exploring the Vibe
9590 Mirim Klein By Myself
9591 Rez Abbasi Trio Continuous Beat
9594 Quest Circular Dreaming
9596 Dejan Terzić Melanoia
9599 Kim Barth and Mike Mossman Late Night Coffee
9602 Trio Elf Amsterdam
9603 Alon Nechushtan Venture Bound
9604 Äl Jawala Live
9605 Trio Elf RMXD
9606 Dusko Goykovich with Strings The Brandenburg Concert
9608 Renaud Garcia-Fons Beyond the Double Bass
9609 Lee Konitz Standards Live ~ At The Village Vanguard
9610 Organ Explosion Organ Explosion
9612 Le Café Bleu International Plays Edith Piaf
9613 Booom Music from Videogames
9614 Eva Klesse Quartet Xenon
9615 Florian Weber, Donny McCaslin and Dan Weiss Criss Cross
9616 Le Café Bleu International Tells Bedtime Stories
9617 Cristina Braga & Brandenburger Symphoniker Whisper
9618 Anke Helfrich Trio featuring Tim Hagans Dedication
9619 Holger Scheidt Group The Tides of Life
9620 Various Artists Message to Attila: The Music of Attila Zoller
9621 Rez Abbasi Intents and Purposes
9624 Franco Ambrosetti After the Rain
9625 Andi Kissenbeck's Club Boogaloo Monsoon Dance
9626 Myriam Alter Cross / Ways
9627 Bob Dorough Trio featuring Michael Hornstein But For Now
9628 Matthias Lindermayr Lang Tang
9630 Dejan Terzic Melanoia Labyrinth
9631 Vladimir Kostadinović The Left Side of Life
9632 Jasmin Bayer Summer Melodies
9634 Organ Explosion Level 2
9635 Monika Roscher Bigband Of Monsters and Birds
9636 Anna-Lena Schnabel Quartet Books, Bottles & Bamboo
9637 Gianni Iorio and Pasquale Stafano Nocturno
9642 The World Peace Trio The World Peace Trion
9643 Eva Klesse Quartett Obenland
9644 Jobic Le Masson Trio + Steve Potts Song
9645 Csaba Toth Bagi Balkan Union
9650 Matthieu Bordenave Grand Angle Terre de Sienne
9654 Various Artists The Exciting Jazz of the Early Seventies
9655 Franco Ambrosetti Cheers
9679 Gianni Iorio and Pasquale Stafano Mediterranean Tales
  • 9902 2 Mal Waldron / Steve Lacy: One-Upmanship / Moods
  • 9904 2 Bob Degen: Sequoia Song / Chartreuse
  • 9906 2 Clark Terry / Red Mitchell To Duke & Basie / When I'm Singing
  • 9908 2 Hal Galper: Now Hear This / Ivory Forest
  • 9910 2 Abdullah Ibrahim: Banyana – Children of Africa / Desert Flowers
  • 9912 2 Benny Bailey Islands / Upper Manhattan Jazz Society
  • 9914 2 Franco Ambrosetti: Heart Bop / Close Encounter
  • 9916 2 David Friedman: Future Passed / Of the Wind's Eye
  • 9918 2 John Stubblefield: Bushman Song / Countin' on the Blues
  • 9920 2 Attila Zoller Cream Bells / Memories of Pannonica
  • 9922 2 Kenny Barron: What If? / Live at Fat Tuesdays
  • 9924 2 Ray Anderson/Slickaphonics: Wow Bag / Modern Life
  • 9926 2 Conexion Latina Calorcito / Un Poco Loco
  • 9928 2 Jerry Gonzalez & Forth Apache Band The River Is Deep / Obatala
  • 9930 2 Leni Stern: Secrets / Closer to the Light
  • 9932 2 Ed Blackwell: What It Is / What It Be Like

Other seriesEdit

  • blu-1000 2 Robert Pete Williams: Sugarfarm
  • blu-1001 2 Thomas Shaw: Do Lord Remember Me
  • blu-1002 2 Little Brother Montgomery: Bajez Copper Station
  • blu-1003 2 Bukka White: Baton Rouge Mosby Street
  • blu-1004 2 Eddie Taylor: Stormy Monday
  • blu-1005 2 Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir: Highway to Heaven
  • blu-1006 2 Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir: Jubilation Ii
  • blu-1007 2 Christian Willisohn: Boogie Woogie & Blues
  • blu-1008 2 Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir Glory Train
  • blu-1009 2 Stephen Barry Blues Band: Blues Under a Full Moon
  • blu-1010 2 Louisiana Red & Carey Bell Live At 55
  • blu-1011 2 Lillian Bouté & Christian Willisohn: Lipstick Traces
  • blu-1012 2 Bryan Lee Jump Street Five
  • blu-1013 2 Nick Woodland: Big Heart
  • blu-1014 2 Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir A Cappella
  • blu-1015 2 Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir Anniversary in Gospel
  • blu-1016 2 Yvonne Jackson W. Maceo Parker: I'm Trouble
  • blu-1017 2 Lillian Boutté: The Gospel Book
  • blu-1018 2 Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir: Joy to the World
  • blu-1019 2 Christian Willisohn: Blues News
  • blu-1020 2 Lillian Boutté: The Jazz Book
  • blu-1021 2 Bryan Lee: Memphis Bound
  • blu-1022 2 Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir Looking Back (Jubilation Vi)
  • blu-1024 2 Al Jones Blues Band: Watch This!
  • blu-1025 2 Christian Willisohn Trio: Blues on the World
  • blu-1026 2 Christian Willisohn New Band: Heart Broken Man
  • blu-1027 2 Nick Woodland Quartet Live Fireworks
  • blu-1028 2 Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir Hamba Ekhaya
  • blu-1029 2 Bryan Lee Live at the Old Absinthe House Bar – Friday Night
  • blu-1031 2 Big Allanbik Batuque Y Blues
  • blu-1032 2 Bryan Lee Live at the Old Absinthe House Bar – Saturday Night
  • blu-1033 2 Marty Hall: Who's Been Talkin'?
  • blu-1035 2 Bryan Lee: Crawfish Lady
  • blu-1036 2 Nick Woodland: The Current That Flows
  • blu-1037 2 Nick Woodland Cult Factory Vol. 1 (Authentic Heads)
  • m M P-1 70886 2 Rabih Abou-Khalil; Between Dusk and Dawn
  • m M P-1 70889 2 Rabih Abou-Khalil: Bukra
  • m M P-1 70890 2 Rabih Abou-Khalil: Roots and Sprouts
  • r27-9153 2 Harvie Swartz: In a Different Light
  • r27-9154 2 Bebop & Beyond W. Joe Henderson Plays Thelonious Monk
  • r27-9163 2 Tim Eyermann & East Coast Off. Outside Inside
  • r27-9167 2 David Becker: In Motion
  • r27-9169 2 Uncle Festive The Paper & The Dog
  • r27-9170 2 Dizzy Gillespie / Bebop & Beyond Plays Dizzy Gillespie
  • r27-9171 2 Mark Egan: Beyond Words
  • r27-9180 2 Scott Henderson /tribal Tech Illicit*tip-888801 2 Blue Box Captured Dance Floor
  • tip-888802 2 Kevin Bruce Harris: And They Walked Among People
  • tip-888803 2 Vladimir Estragon / Three Quarks For Muster Mark
  • tip-888804 2 Intergalactic Maiden Ballet Square Dance
  • tip-888805 2 Mike Westbrook: Off Abbey Road
  • tip-888806 2 Michael Gregory: The Way We Used to Do
  • tip-888807 2 Kevin Bruce Harris: Folk Songs / Folk Tales
  • tip-888808 2 Greetje Bijma: Tales of a Voice
  • tip-888809 2 Wolfgang Schmid / Kick, B. Cobham No Filters
  • tip-888810 2 Abdullah Lbrahim (Dollar Brand): Mantra Mode
  • tip-888811 2 Mike Clark / Paul Jackson: The Funk Stops Here
  • tip-888812 2 Abdullah Lbrahim (Dollar Brand): Water from an Ancient Well
  • tip-888813 2 Blue Box Time We Sign
  • tip-888814 2 Mitch Watkins: Strings With Wings
  • tip-888815 2 Abdullah Lbrahim (Dollar Brand): No Fear No Die
  • tip-888816 2 Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand): Knysna Blue
  • tip-888817 2 Intergalactic Maidenballet Gulf
  • tip-888818 2 Blue Box "10"
  • tip-888819 2 Okay Temiz: Magnet Dance
  • tip-888820 2 Abdullah Ibrahim: Yarona
  • tip-888821 2 Subruto Roy Chowdhury Bageshree
  • tip-888822 2 Raiz De Pedra With Egberto Gismonti Diario De Bordo
  • tip-888823 2 Ferenc Snétberger The Budapest Concert
  • tip-888824 2 Paradox Paradox
  • tip-888825 2 Harald Haerter & Dewey Redman Mostly Live
  • tip-888826 2 Abdullah Ibrahim: Cape Town Flowers
  • tip-888827 2 Rikhy Ray: Mangalam
  • tip-888831 2 Greenfish: Perfume Light, Singing Blue
  • tip-888832 2 Abdullah Ibrahim: African Suite
  • tip-888833 2 Paradox The Rist Second
  • tip-888834 2 Ferenc Snétberger: Obsession
  • tip-888835 2 Mahmoud Turkmani Nuqta
  • tip-888836 2 Abdullah Ibrahim; Cape Town Revisited
  • tip-888838 2 Lew Soloff: Rainbow Mountain
  • tip-888839-2 Götz Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble
  • tip-888340-2 Abdullah Ibrahim: Ekapa Lodumo
  • tip-888841-2 Gilad Athmon & Oriental House Ensemble: Nostalgico
  • tip-888843-2 The World Quintet
  • tip-888845-2 Abdullah Ibrahim: African Magic
  • tip-888846-2 Nunu!: Con Alma
  • tip-888848-2 Gilad Atzmon Musik
  • tip-888849-2 Gilad Atzmon & Orient House Ensemble: Refuge
  • tip-888850-2 Gilad Atzmon: In Loving Memory of America Rising Sun Collection
  • rsc-0001 2 John Lee Hooker
  • rsc-0002 2 Big Mama Thornton
  • rsc-0003 2 Taj Mahal
  • rsc-0004 2 Nina Simone
  • rsc-0005 2 Archie Shepp
  • rsc-0006 2 Louisiana Red
  • rsc-0007 2 Esther Phillips
  • rsc-0008 2 Johnny "Big Moose" Walker
  • rsc-0009 2 Lightnin' Hopkins
  • rsc-0010 2 Chet Baker
  • rsc-0011 2 Louisiana Red A.o.yellowbird
  • yeb-7707 2 Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog Party Intellectuals
  • yeb-7710 2 Susi Hyldgaard: It's Love We Need
  • yeb-7711 2 Roy Nathanson: Sotto Voce /Subway Moon


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