Enigma Variations (album)

The Enigma Variations is a compilation album of newer artists (in 1985) that were on Enigma Records or one of its subsidiaries. It was originally released as a double LP and cassette, but was then subsequently also released as a CD with a reduced number of tracks. The album was compiled by Steve Pross and William Hein. The Greek pressing of the album (on Virgin Records) was issued as a single LP.[1]

The Enigma Variations
Album cover art by John Scarpati
Compilation album by
Various Artists
Length90:33 (Original vinyl release)
68:46 (Original CD release)
50:40 (Greek vinyl release)
LabelEnigma, Virgin
ProducerVaries from track to track

A second compilation, The Enigma Variations 2, was released in 1987.


  • "Despite its lack of success with EMI, Enigma has continued to put out new records including the current two record set "The Enigma Variations", the budget priced compilation which takes its name from a composition by Sir Edward Elgar offers 26 songs including several unreleased tracks by such stellar bands as Red Kross, the Leaving Trains, Green on Red, the Untouchables, the Screaming Sirens, the Effigies, TSOL and Cathedral of Tears. The label plans to follow up this release next month with a country compilation." (Patrick Goldstein, L.A. Times, 1985) [2]
  • "If this is not the best compilation album ever, it is only because volume two is just as good. This is alternative rock when it was really alternative. If any of these songs were sung by R.E.M., Nirvana, Pearl Jam or Coldplay, you would hear them every week on the radio, but now they are forgotten." (JT Fournier, epinions, 2006) [3]

Track listingEdit

The Enigma Variations – Vinyl editionEdit

Side One
1."Maniac"Screamin' Sirens2:38
2."Shadowdrive"The Jet Black Berries4:41
3."Flesh on the Wall"Naked Prey2:34
4."Oh Mother"Tex & the Horseheads2:55
5."Straight Ahead"Greg Sage4:10
6."Time Stands Still"Chris D. / Divine Horsemen4:08
7."A Blind Man's Penis"John Trubee1:41
Total length:22:47
Side Two
8."No Easy Way Down"Rain Parade6:58
9."Disengaged from the World"Plasticland2:36
10."Worm Boy"The Pandoras2:10
11."Just for the Moment"Get Smart!2:20
12."Leaving Trains"The Leaving Trains2:38
13."Sixteen Ways"Green On Red2:33
14."24"Game Theory3:05
Total length:22:20
Side Three
15."Insurance from God"45 Grave5:03
16."Blue Funk"The Effigies4:50
17."Juvenile Justice"Kraut1:54
18."Citadel"Redd Kross2:52
19."Flowers by the Door"T.S.O.L.3:32
20."True West"Channel 32:59
Total length:21:10
Side Four
21."A Situation Of"Cathedral of Tears3:25
22."The Yellow Boat"Passionnel3:41
23."Lebanon"The Untouchables3:42
24."Where Did We Go Wrong"The Pool3:46
25."Cow Punk"Scott Goddard4:51
Total length:24:16

The Enigma Variations – CD edition
1."Shadowdrive"The Jet Black Berries4:41
2."Flesh on the Wall"Naked Prey2:34
3."Oh Mother"Tex & the Horseheads2:55
4."Straight Ahead"Greg Sage4:10
5."Time Stands Still"Chris D. / Divine Horsemen4:08
6."Sixteen Ways"Green On Red2:33
7."24"Game Theory3:05
8."No Easy Way Down"Rain Parade6:58
9."Disengaged from the World"Plasticland2:36
10."Worm Boy"The Pandoras2:10
11."Just for the Moment"Get Smart!2:20
12."Leaving Trains"The Leaving Trains2:38
13."Insurance from God"45 Grave5:03
14."Citadel"Redd Kross2:52
15."A Blind Man's Penis"John Trubee1:41
16."Maniac"Screamin' Sirens2:36
17."Flowers by the Door"T.S.O.L.3:32
18."The Yellow Boat"Passionnel3:41
19."Lebanon"The Untouchables3:42
Total length:68:46

Greek Vinyl editionEdit

Side One
1."No Easy Way Down"Rain Parade6:58
2."Sixteen Ways"Green On Red2:33
3."Maniac"Stramin' Sirens2:38
4."Time Stands Still"Chris D. / Divine Horsemen4:08
5."Leaving Trains"The Leaving Trains2:28
6."Flesh on the Wall"Naked Prey2:34
7."Straight Ahead"Greg Sage4:10
Total length:25:29
Side Two
8."Shadowdrive"The Jet Black Berries4:41
9."Disengaged from the World"Plasticland2:36
10."Oh Mother"Tex & the Horseheads2:55
11."Insurance from God"45 Grave5:03
12."A Situation Of"Cathedral of Tears3:25
13."True West"Channel 32:59
14."Flowers by the Door"T.S.O.L.3:32
Total length:25:11


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