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England at the 2010 Commonwealth Games

England were represented at the 2010 Commonwealth Games by Commonwealth Games England. The country used: the abbreviation ENG, the Cross of St George as its flag and "Jerusalem" as its victory anthem. England had previously used "Land of Hope and Glory" as its anthem at the Commonwealth Games, but decided to change following an "internet poll".[5]

England at the
2010 Commonwealth Games
Flag of England.svg
CGF code ENG
CGA Commonwealth Games England
in Delhi, India
Competitors 364[citation needed][1][2][3] in 17 sports
Flag bearer Opening: Nathan Robertson[4]
Closing: Nicky Hunt
Ranked 3rd
Gold Silver Bronze Total
37 60 45 142
Commonwealth Games appearances (overview)
British Empire Games
British Empire and Commonwealth Games
British Commonwealth Games
Commonwealth Games

England's delegation is notable for including two Paralympic champions, who qualified to compete in Delhi against fully able-bodied athletes: Danielle Brown, who won a gold medal in archery at the 2008 Summer Paralympics, and Sarah Storey, who won two gold medals in cycling in 2008. They are the first English athletes with disabilities ever to compete in able-bodied events at the Commonwealth Games.[5][6]



* Katherine Endacott was originally awarded a bronze medal, but this was upgraded to a silver following the disqualification of the gold medal winner, raising England's silver medal tally to 60, and reducing the bronze tally to 45.

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