England Boxing National Amateur Championships Flyweight Champions

The England Boxing National Amateur Championships Flyweight Championship formerly known as the ABA Championships is the primary English amateur boxing championship.[1] It had previously been contested by all the nations of the United Kingdom.

England Boxing National Amateur Championships
Flyweight Champions
Organised byEngland Boxing


The flyweight division was inaugurated in 1920 and is currently the weight category of under 52 Kg. The championships are highly regarded in the boxing world and seen as the most prestigious national amateur championships.[2]

Past winnersEdit

Year Winner Club Notes
1920 H. Groves (Caius ABC)
1921 William Cuthbertson (United Scottish BC)
1922 Les Tarrant (Armstrong- Siddeley ABC)
1923 Eddie Warwick (Columbia ABC)
1924 Eddie Warwick (Columbia ABC)
1925 Eddie Warwick (Columbia ABC)
1926 Johnny Hill (Leith Victoria BC)
1927 Jim Roland (Leith Victoria BC)
1928 Cuthbert Taylor (Cardiff Gabalfa AC)
1929 Tommy Pardoe (Metropolitan ABC)
1930 Tommy Pardoe (Metropolitan ABC)
1931 Tommy Pardoe (Metropolitan ABC)
1932 Tommy Pardoe (Metropolitan ABC)
1933 Tommy Pardoe (Metropolitan ABC)
1934 Pat Palmer (Battersea & Shexgar ABC)
1935 Gaston Fayaud (France)
1936 Gaston Fayaud (France)
1937 Pat O'Donoghue (Watneys ABC)
1938 Alf Russell (Unattached)
1939 D. McKay (South Africa)
1940-43 Not held
1943 R. O'Sullivan (Fitzroy Lodge and Lynn ABC)
1944 Jimmy Clinton (Dalmarnock BC)
1945 Jackie Bryce (Anderston BC)
1946 Richard 'Skeets' Gallacher (John Brown's Welfare ABC)
1947 Jimmy Clinton (Dalmarnock BC)
1948 Henry Carpenter (Bradfield ABC)
1949 Hugh Riley (Gilmerton ABC)
1950 Albert Jones (Kynoch ABC)
1951 Gerald John (Slough Centre BC)
1952 Dai Dower (Roath Youth BC)
1953 Ronnie Currie (Dalmarnock BC)
1954 Ronnie Currie (Dalmarnock BC)
1955 Derek Lloyd (Army)
1956 Terry Spinks (West Ham ABC)
1957 Ron Davies (Army)
1958 Jackie Brown (Leith Victoria BC)
1959 Mick Gushlow (Royal Air Force)
1960 Danny Lee (Woodhall ABC)
1961 Walter McGowan (Royal Albert ABC)
1962 Mike Pye (Harris Lebus ABC)
1963 Monty Laud (St. Ives ABC)
1964 John McCluskey (Larkhall ABC)
1965 John McCluskey (Larkhall ABC)
1966 Paddy Maguire (Vauxhall Motors ABC)
1967 Steve Curtis (Roath Youth ABC)
1968 Gnr. Johnny McGonigle (Army)
1969 Dave Needham (Nottingham School of Boxing ABC)
1970 Dave Needham (Nottingham School of Boxing ABC)
1971 Peter Wakefield (St. Patrick ABC)
1972 Maurice O'Sullivan (Roath Youth ABC)
1973 Roy Hilton (Repton ABC)
1974 Maurice O'Sullivan (Roath Youth ABC)
1975 Charlie Magri (Arbour Youth ABC)
1976 Charlie Magri (Arbour Youth ABC)
1977 Charlie Magri (Arbour Youth ABC)
1978 Gary Nickels (Repton ABC)
1979 Ray Gilbody (St. Helens Star ABC)
1980 Keith Wallace (St. Helens Star ABC)
1981 Keith Wallace (St. Helens Star ABC)
1982 Joe Kelly (Holyrood ABC)
1983 Stephen Nolan (Fisher ABC)
1984 Pat Clinton (Croy Miners ABC)
1985 Pat Clinton (Croy Miners ABC)
1986 John Lyon (Greenall St. Helens ABC)
1987 John Lyon (Greenall St. Helens ABC)
1988 John Lyon (Greenall St. Helens ABC)
1989 John Lyon (Greenall St. Helens ABC)
1990 Johnny Armour (St. Marys ABC)
1991 Paul Ingle (Scarborough ABC)
1992 Keith Knox (Bonnybrigg ABC)
1993 Paul Ingle (Scarborough ABC)
1994 Danny Costello (Hollington ABC)
1995 Danny Costello (Hollington ABC)
1996 Danny Costello (Hollington ABC)
1997 Michael Hunter (Hartlepool Boys Welfare ABC)
1998 James Hegney (Castle Vale ABC)
1999 Dale Robinson (Hard and Fast ABC)
2000 Dale Robinson (Hard and Fast ABC)
2001 Matthew Marsh (West Ham ABC)
2002 Duncan Barriball (Army)
2003 Don Broadhurst (Aston ABC)
2004 Stuart Langley (Hollington ABC)
2005 Darran Langley (Hollington ABC)
2006 Paul Edwards (Salisbury ABC)
2007 Michael Walsh (Norwich Lads)
2008 Adam Whitfield (Army BA)
2009 Gamal Yafai (Birmingham City Police)
2010 Paul Butler (Vauxhall Motors)
2011 Jason Cunningham (St Paul's)
2012 Joe McCully (Bexley ABC)
2013 Jack Bateson (Burmantofts ABC)
2014 Charlie Edwards (Repton ABC)
2015 Muhammad Ali (Bury)
2016 Will Cawley (Oldham)
2017 Niall Farrell (Kingstanding 2nd City)
2018 Hamza Mahmood (Hoddesdon)
2019 Hamza Mahmood (Hoddesdon)
2020 cancelled due to COVID 19.[3]


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