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Encke is a lunar impact crater that is located on the western edge of the Mare Insularum, to the south-southeast of the crater Kepler. The small crater Kunowsky lies to the east-southeast on the mare.

Encke crater 4138 h1.jpg
Coordinates4°36′N 36°36′W / 4.6°N 36.6°W / 4.6; -36.6Coordinates: 4°36′N 36°36′W / 4.6°N 36.6°W / 4.6; -36.6
Diameter28 km
Depth0.8 km
Colongitude37° at sunrise
EponymJohann F. Encke
Oblique view from Apollo 12

The crater is named after German mathematician and astronomer Johann Franz Encke.[1]

The rim of Encke is low and somewhat polygonal in shape. The tiny craterlet Encke N lies across the western rim. The floor is somewhat uneven, and is covered in ray material from the nearby Kepler. The high albedo of this ejecta makes Encke a bright feature when the Sun is at a high elevation over the lunar surface.

Satellite cratersEdit

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Encke.

Encke Latitude Longitude Diameter
B 2.4° N 36.8° W 12 km
C 0.7° N 36.4° W 9 km
E 0.3° N 40.1° W 9 km
G 4.8° N 38.8° W 7 km
H 4.0° N 37.3° W 4 km
J 5.2° N 39.5° W 5 km
K 1.4° N 37.2° W 4 km
M 4.5° N 35.1° W 3 km
N 4.6° N 37.1° W 4 km
T 3.4° N 38.0° W 91 km
X 0.9° N 40.3° W 3 km
Y 5.9° N 36.4° W 3 km


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