Encampment (Chinese constellation)

The Encampment mansion (Chinese: 室宿; pinyin: Shì Xiù) is one of the 28 mansions of the Chinese constellations.[1] It is one of the northern mansions of the Black Tortoise.[2]

Shì Xiù map

Asterisms edit

English name Chinese name European constellation Number of stars Representing
Encampment Pegasus 2 Operating room, also representing Black Tortoise's body
Resting Palace 離宮 Pegasus 6 An imperial palace
Thunder and Lightning 雷電 Pegasus 6 The God of mine
Line of Ramparts 壘壁陣 Pisces/Aquarius/Capricornus 12 Fortifications around the barracks
Palace Guard 羽林軍 Aquarius/Piscis Austrinus 45 The ancient imperial guards
Axe 鈇鉞 Aquarius 3 The axe for executions of death penalty
North Gate of the Military Camp 北落師門 Piscis Austrinus 1 Barrack's north gate
Net for Catching Birds 八魁 Cetus 6 The trap to capture animals, hunting animals on behalf of the officials responsible for
Materials for Making Tents 天綱 Piscis Austrinus 1 Military book
Official for Materials Supply 土公吏 Pegasus 2 Officials responsible for civil engineering building, or the officials responsible for logistics
Flying Serpent 螣蛇 Andromeda/Lacerta/Cassiopeia/Cepheus/Cygnus 22 Shape of flying snakes

References edit

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