Empress Xia (Song dynasty)

Empress Xia Shenfu (1136 – 13 July 1167) was a Chinese empress consort of the Song dynasty, married to Emperor Xiaozong of Song.

Empress Chenggong
Empress consort of the Southern Song Dynasty
Tenure16 November 1163 – 13 July 1167
PredecessorEmpress Xiansheng
SuccessorEmpress Chengsu
Died14 December 1167 (aged c. 31)
Lin'an, Zhejiang, China
SpouseEmperor Xiaozong
Posthumous name
Empress Chenggong

Xia originally served as a maid to the first spouse of Xiaozong, who died in 1156 when he was still prince. In 1162, he married Xia as his second main spouse, and in 1163, he gave her the title of empress.[1] She had one son and one daughter, both of whom died very young.

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