Emmanuel Delicata

Emmanuel Delicata is a Malta based wine producer. They have worked to keep two indigenous grape varieties, Gellewza and Girgentina, from extinction. Delicata was the first to organize a national wine festival every year in the capital Valletta since 2002. Delicata Winery have made significant contributions to the legal reform of the Maltese wine trade, especially in preparing the industry for the changes after EU accession and the introduction of QWpsr protocols.


Emmanuel Delicata is Malta’s oldest family run winery producing the widest range of Malta grown wines with George Delicata leading the firm. The company was established in 1907.[1] Whilst other local wine producing companies also act as importers of wines and other beverages, Delicata only produces wine and is as such the Island's largest privately, family-owned bottler.


In the vineyard, Emmanuel Delicata took the lead in developing and implementing the ‘Vines for Wines’ project in 1994, in a collaborative effort with the farming community to plant more vineyards with international grape varieties.[2] ‘Vines for Wines’ still promotes sustainable practices which are environmentally sound, economically feasible and socially equitable.[3] The Delicata Winery also was the first winery in Malta to receive HACCP certification. Delicata’s winery is located on the waterfront overlooking the Grand Harbour of the nation's capital city Valletta.


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