Emma Wold

Prominent women at equal rights conference at Woman's Party. L to R: Mrs. Agnes Morey, Brookline, Mass.; Miss Katherine Morey, Brookline, Mass. & State Chairman of the Woman's Party; Elsie Hill, Norwalk, Conn.; Mary Dean Powell, D.C.; Emma Wold, Portland, Oregon; Mabel Vernon, Wilmington, Del., 1922
Far Western delegates to Woman's Party conference. L to R- Miss Emma Wold, Portland, Oregon; Mrs. Wm. Kent, San Francisco, Cal.; Mrs Lucille Shields, Amarillo, Tex.; Miss Sybil Moore

Emma Wold (died 1950[1]) was an American suffragist.[2] She was president of the College Equal Suffrage Association in Oregon, and later served as the headquarters secretary of the National Woman's Party.[2][3]

Wold graduated from the University of Oregon and Washington Law School.[1]

In 1918 she ran for the Oregon House of Representatives, but lost.[2]

She wrote the foreword to a 1928 collection of nationality laws as impacted by marriage for the House of Representatives Committee on Immigration and Naturalization.[4]

In 1930 she was appointed by President Herbert Hoover to be a delegate at the Conference for Codification of International Law at the Hague, to represent women's interests in international law.[2]

She also worked as a lawyer and a teacher, and a Sunday school clerk and superintendent.[2]

Wold died on July 21, 1950.[1]


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