Emily Zamourka

Emily Zamourka is a Moldovan-born American singer and musician. She came to prominence in late September 2019 after an LAPD officer filmed and posted a video of her singing a Puccini aria at Wilshire/Normandie station. The video subsequently became popular.


In 1991 Zamourka moved from Moldova to the United States and became homeless in Los Angeles for two years (with some assistance from time to time) when she suffered serious health problems and had to pay for her medical bills. The artist, who taught lessons in piano and violin, was forced to take up numerous jobs. She also said she ended up in the streets two or three years ago after an unknown vandal destroyed her violin and with it her means of making money. A GoFundMe page to help Zamourka get off the streets and get her a new violin has surpassed $80,000 towards the goal of $85,000. Since her subway singing, Zamourka performed at the unveiling of the Historic Little Italy sign in downtown San Pedro on Saturday October 5, 2019 before a live audience that praised her with uproarious applause. She performed there only one song: the same Puccini aria she sang on the viral video.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


On October 3, 2019, two time Grammy nominated record producer Joel Diamond publicly offered Zamourka a recording contract.[7] She is reportedly still homeless and has refused all help.

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